Prosperity, A Christians Rights

Before I post anything about a subject I start with studying the subject by researching the scriptures, commentaries, historians and much more.

I go over the subject in my mind repeatedly until I feel confident to put my thoughts in written form.  I do not write something and post it just for the sake of having posts on my blog.

When it comes to using a blog I started late and didn’t quite understand how to do it.  It along with many other tools of social media I take quite awhile to become comfortable using the certain tool.

Let me start this post with a preface, for this post and several more to come, when I speak of Christians/Evangelicals I will be speaking about those in North America.

I believe Christians/Evangelicals have become like spoiled children.  They have come to believe a fallacy, fantasy, and lie.  They were told that a certain message that, ‘ The Prosperity Gospel’, is a true Biblical doctrine.  I am hear to say that there is no scriptural basis for this teaching.

It started back in the early 1900’s with an lady evangelist, Aimee Semple McPherson.  Her organisation was beginning to feel the pain of the lack of finances.  She began to expouse that God wanted His children to blessed, to be prosperous.  Soon she locked unto the one scripture that all prosperity preachers use as their basis for their teachings.  The verse found in 1 John 1, ‘Beloved I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in good health….’.  Except they took this verse out of context for the true translation was like how we use the saying ‘wish you God’s speed’.  Basically it was a type of blessing for when someone was setting out to travel.

Having crusades across a nation is very expensive.  The cost of travel, the renting of a hall, and the staff behind the scenes that does the bulk of the work.

Then along came the 50’s and the emergence of tent revivals with preachers such as, Jack Coe, A. A. Allen, R. W. Shambach, and many more.  These were the pioneers of developing the ‘prosperity gospel’ using it as a springboard to raise great offerings. Yes, these offerings paid for the obvious expenses, but quite a bit of it went into the wallet of the preacher.

The ‘prosperity gospel’ came of age in the 70’s and Jim and Tammy Bakker polished it and sold it to their listening audience.  The message was quite simple, ‘God wants you to be rich’. The message equated money and nice things to having God’s favor and blessing.

This message hit home to the most base and crass area of humans and stirred to the surface the hideous character flaw called ‘greed’.

Christians also began to believe that if a preacher had tremendous growds gather at an event, it meant that the preacher had God’s blessing.  This is so far removed from the truth.

While I was active in the ministry I joined an ‘Miracle Evangelist’ as his organist, and a junior pastor of his’ church. One day I was asked to fly to another Canadian city to fill in for the preacher and his’ guest because the city they were in, the crusade had been extended.  I had never conducted that type of service.  I was taken to the airport, this would be my first time flying, and set out for that city.  I began to gather my thoughts and how I would handle the service.  When I arrived at the hall I set it up and went and sat at the piano. I was confident about my music, and semi-confident in my preaching. Near the end, which I felt that things went smoothly, I decided to raise an offering.  I had the people bow their heads and began speaking what I felt was in my heart.  To my surprise it went better than anyone could have thought.  That offering was so large that the preacher and his guess asked how I did it.  From that time on they had confidence in my ability to handle a meeting and the ability to raise finances

When Christ spoke to his’ disciples and taught them what they should pray the first part spoke of God meeting His’ childrens needs.  Notice it says daily bread.  Nowhere can it be found that God wanted His’ saints to live wealthy.

Many preachers who expouse the ‘prosperity message’ use one verse found in 3 John – “Beloved I wish above all things, that thou mayest prosper and be in good health, even as your sould prospers.’  This is not as it is being described, it is actually an benediction, like when someone says to another ‘Gods speed’.

So when it comes to a Christians right, prosperity is not on the list.

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  1. cctechm777

    Absolutely true.
    There are times when the Lord shall bless with increase, but we are warned by Him NOT to allow our hearts to be set upon them. And this will be allowed according to His Will and timing, “IF” He should allow it.
    When I am blessed I always offer it right back up to the Lord to have it used as HE Desires it, but sometimes He allows it just for our enjoyment.

    Also I agree, with you, I’ve left the systemic 501 (C) 3 churches, I meet in my residence, me and the Lord. For it is meant to be a “solitary way in the wilderness”.
    Blessed be the name of our Lord.
    And may Our Lord bless you.

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    1. rts – Facing the Challenges of Mental Health

      Thank you so much for sharing! I now have a blog that I dedicate for Bible Studying. The main focus is on Bible Prophecy.
      You can find it here:


      1. cctechm777

        May I ask why are you only interested in getting me to follow you? Are we not informed by our Lord, that we are the Body, and every member has a purpose, and that we are to Love one another as HE loves us? So why do you show no interest in getting to know me? Are you a single island onto yourself?
        I am just trying to understand your lack of love and interest with a brother in the Lord.

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      2. rts – Facing the Challenges of Mental Health

        I am terribly sorry that this was your impression. However, that was not my intention.
        I am also sorry that you think I have no love or interest with a brother in the Lord! I have your blog bookmarked and was getting around to reading it. I do not consider myself an island to myself. I have two blogs so that I can concentrate on two avenues of thought. I follow many other Christian blogs with my second blog.
        I have dedicated my original blog to the issues of mental health. As a suicide attempt survivor I feel that mental health is something I care deeply about. I left active ministry because I had burned out and was dealing with deep depression.
        I am at this time slow to get to everything in my blog. I am not trying to get anyone to follow my blog, It is up to each individual to decide that matter.
        Again, sorry that for some reason you thought I didn’t care about a brother in the Lord.

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  2. cctechm777

    Thank you for the insight. I understand……it’s no problem.
    I’ve come to understand where you are coming from by reading your “Bible study” blog.
    And it has raised some serious questions concerning your background and supporting some of the worse false teachers and enemies to the Gospel such as Billy Graham and Kathryn Kuhlman. Musicians in this so-called Christian culture is not of the Lord
    I need to ask, do you still hold to that these persons were truly of the Lord? Or have you since come to understand who and what they served, and have renounced them. I just have not seen that posted on your Bible Study blog.
    Thank you for your patience concerning this.


    1. A Study In Bible Prophecy

      Dear brother, if you would dig deep into my other blog you will find that I absolutely warn people about their “gospels”. I use to believe in the “prosperity” gospel. It is a doctrine straight from the pits of hell.
      As a musician my heart was with the Lord, but as I eventually went behind the curtains of certain ministries I learned the awful truths.
      I wrote a three post article about three things that have caused the Church to abdicate their power. One of them was “prosperity” gospel. Here is the link to part one:

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  3. cctechm777

    Greetings, thank you for your response.
    I never fell for the Prosperity doctrine, Billy Graham was not a prosperity teacher, he lived so-called modestly, but that was propaganda, he was worth millions. Do you agree he was an enemy to the Gospel? You do realize he was part of the Masonic invasion of the “church”…….that is why he was so excepted in Washington DC amongst many presidents, and government heads high up in the chain all over the world!
    Why put up “musicians” who worked or supported these anti-christ sytems? They all need to be denounced for the false Gospel they stood for.
    I’m very glad you speak up against the prosperity doctrine, however you need to realize those that push that false teaching agenda, were NEVER truly the Lord’s and they were influenced by the Masonic order. They did not represent the true Body of Christ, they did not fall away, they never knew HIM.
    Also I need to say, that your “revivalist” belief is not going to happen. We are seeing the Great Apostasy, there will be no Godly Revival. That belief has been taught for so many decades, and it has not happen nor shall it. It gives a false hope.
    Now I can understand you being a musician, I was a singer, and I had my thoughts about serving the Lord in that manner, and I was sincere, but I do now realize that was all my prideful flesh, our hearts are deeply corrupted, more than we know, and yes even while we are believer’s.

    Also I need to tell you I’m very concerned and disappointed that you utilize the Corrupted perversion known as the “Message” Bible. Please do the research, it truly represents a vile and evil gospel that comes from the Pit of Hell along with the other’s such as the NIV, ESV, and scores of other’s.
    I personally only utilize the KJV, since I did my own comparison back in the late 90’s, and threw away the NIV, and the ESV perversions.

    I do realize that we can be caught up in false belief’s, I now I did when I was a babe in Christ, I got caught up in the “Manifested Sons of God” doctrine of demons teaching along with the “Kingdom Now Dominion-ism” teaching. The Lord delivered me from those teaching back in the late 90’s.

    So it’s wonderful that the you have come out from these corrupted institution’s, nevertheless we can still be influenced by false beliefs that we do not realize are still embedded within our hearts and minds. I thank the Lord for HIS sanctification process, here a little, there a little, precept upon precept. HE shall deal with them in His time and in His Way……all that must be surrendered up to Him. His Ways far exceeds our ways. His thoughts are NOT our thoughts, that is why we suffer such dark periods, because it’s through those “valley of the shadow of death” that we learn His ways, through the unction of the Holy Spirit to write HIS Ways and thoughts upon our hearts and consciences. Once that is done we walk in them, and HE keeps us there.
    If you are interested I have written an article which outlines all the Masonic influences that have infiltrated ALL Christian Bible Schools, Universities, and Seminaries. Churches do not need to build any type of building, true believers can meet in their homes, trust me, there are so few you truly are following the Lord you do not need a “building”.
    Remember where the Lord said “where two or three are gathered in my name there I am in the midst”? Well I’ve been alone with occasional talks with a sister in Ireland, and that’s it! He is in the midst.
    A true walk with the Lord is a “Solitary was through the Wilderness” and that is meant to be, to the point where you do not think there is anyone else walking that lonely walk. That solitude is what the Lord has caused to get us to lean upon HIM and NO other person. That could be for a short season or a long season depending on the will of the Lord for that person, according to His Grace and desires.
    Well that’s is enough……the Lord bless you, and keep you!
    Thank you for communicating with me….it is appreciated.


    1. rts – Facing the Challenges of Mental Health

      no comment!


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