A Portion Of The Wall Chart Of World History Shows Us Something Remarkable from GOD!

I have never met the owner of this blog. Yet, I am totally amazed how many of his’ blog posts are on the same thought pattern as myself.
I take this as a confirmation that I am moving in the right direction. I would encourage everyone to follow this blog.

Upper Biblical Studies for All

This is an interesting wall chart, it reveals that while Israel is united and honorable before God, during the reigns of David, and Solomon, the world history of its threatening, and hostile neighbors, is all but silent. Almost immediately upon Israel’s disobedience to God, and turning from Him through the sin of Idolatry, and splitting up the Kingdom, the rise of their enemies slowly begins again. Perhaps we can learn how God’s discipline, and Judgement, against sin and idolatry actually works in the lives of God’s People. Keep in mind that until the united kingdom split into two separate kingdoms around 900 BC, things were blessed, and Israel ruled the region in peace, called the Kingdom of David. 1050-900. From 900 to 734, the judgement of God was moving slowly, but very much moving! The grind stone grinds slowly, but it does grind! As Jesus said to all of us…

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