A Nation Born In Rebellion pt. 2

Ephesians 6:12 – Our fight is not against people on earth but against the rulers and authorities and the powers of this world’s darkness, against the spiritual powers of evil in the heavenly world.

13 That is why you need to put on God’s full armor. Then on the day of evil you will be able to stand strong. And when you have finished the whole fight, you will still be standing.

It has been several weeks since I posted the first part of this message.  You see it takes me some time to gather all my thoughts about a subject.  I want to make sure I have a sure foundation when I present an idea.  Most of the time I find my thoughts are clearer when it is totally quiet around me, no distraction from the outside.  Sometimes I find myself waking up in the night with a certain part of the message running through my racing mind. 

When I was just starting out and I found myself in this place I would get myself out of bed, go downstairs into my family’s dining table, place before me my Bible and begin to search the scripture until I found what I needed. It was not like today, there were no personal computers, no internet, not even a cell phone. Just me and my Bible.  Not even any commentaries or dictionairies.  Sometimes I would get so involved in studying the passage of time became oblivious to me.

So, here I am in from of my laptop with my Bible software opened and putting to words the thought s that seem to be flowing from within me.  I’m not quite sure how they would teach you to study and prepare in Bible school, because I have never attended one.  My methods may not hework for most, but they work for the person that counts, that’s me.

There is one thing that I am confident about, it is the method of study I have developed over the period of 40 plus years. Like the scripture, I depend on the innermost whisper, voice deep within me.  I do not call it, like the world, a hunch, or a gut feeling.  It is deep within my spirit man, for that is where the spirit of God speaks to each and everyone of His’ children if they are willing and are listening.  No, I don’t hear voices, or see stars or even feel the earth move beneath me.   It just I know that I know.

The thoughts in this post are mine.  I thought about this subject many years ago and haven’t given it much time until now, the election of 2016 in America.

I know about the history of the founding of the United States.  The civil war over slavery, the assination of Lincoln.  Also, the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, again another president assinated, John F. Kennedy and then his brother Robert, the nominee for the Democratic Party in 1967-68.  However, I was only about seven years old, yet I still have memories of looking across the Detroit river from Windsor, Ontario and seeing the smoke rising from the riots where buses were lit on fire.

Then in the 1980’s the attenpted assination of Ronald Reagan. A true visionary for the Republican Party.  Lessons could be learned by both nominees this election, for neither has a hopeful vision of what they see for America.

So, as I look through all the history of America I see a nation that underneath there is a cauldron seething with rebellion.  It seems to simmer for quite some time, only to find the cauldron reaching a boiling point and pouring over the top onto the streets of the United States.  2016 is one of those times.  Unrest it seems is everywhere.  Anger seems to be the emotion that is on the lips of every person and voter.  African Americans angry because of all the deaths of black men dying by the hands of the police who are sworn to protect them.

The older white population that feels time has forgotten about them as they see their America slip away being replaced by a much different color of people.  News pundits call it “the browning of America”.  The blue collar worker sees their jobs fall by the side of the road either by being outsourced to another country or by technology that is much more efficient and cheaper.

Then there is the biggest fear that is on the minds of every American that remembers what happened on 9/11.  The largest terror attack on American soil since Pearl Harbour.  They realise that The United States is no longer a safe place, and now the terrorists have landed on their soil.  So they are angry with Capitol Hill, both Congress and the Senate.  Neither side of the isle willing to make the first comprimise so that some goal can be achieved to bring safety back to the homeland.

Politicians are stoking fears about those who may not have the same faith as those they know.  Fear not from knowledge, but that which comes from the root of ignorance.  They seem to forget that every young, old, man, woman, child has someone in their lineage, maybe just one generation back, that came to the shores of America from another country, who was seeking a better life for those that would follow in their footsteps.

I started my last post by quoting scripture about rebellion.  Rebellion is a powerful gripping entity that takes hold of one person, or a multitude of people.  America’s rebellion started as they demanded they did not want to be ruled by and elite group, family, a person who sat in a palace somewhere that made all the rules.  Where the population had no voice in what happened in their country or nation.

They wanted a different type of nation, one where the people’s voice decided who would be their government.  The war between the United Kingdom and America was hard fought.  Eventually though British troops withdrew and the republic known as The United States was born.

This planted a small seed within the spirit of America one that has cried out every once and awhile and gives way to anger on the streets of the nation.

Scripture tells us that ‘rebellion is as of the sin of witchcraft’.  Paul writes in the book of Ephesians that the child of God does not war with human armies, but of spiritual wickedness in high places.

It is my opinion, that this same war is constantly fighting over the nation of America.  The only way it can be brought to nothing is for the Body of Christ to regain that which they have lost because of being intoxicated with greed and power.  Paul instructed the church to pray for its leaders.  As I have said in prior posts or on my Twitter feed, every time that people of God became close with government, they landed into the trouble of being captured and becoming slaves to their captor.

I truly believe when the Body of Christ in North America wakes up from it stupor of greed and power and shakes off this rebellious nature that has them enslaved they can bring about the falling of the rebellion that lies within the shores of America.

We were given the armour of Christ.  The Body of Christ cannot fight with the armour of the world, for like King David it has not been proven.  The Body of Christ must put on the full armour of God.  Cast of the armour of politics, wall street, and false doctrines and become what God would have it to be.  If not,  it may be just too late to see any reprisal from the path the nation of America is going down.

Instead of warring against those of different religions, begin to show compassion, and love. If we are strong in our faith of Christ Jesus, then nothing can shake you.  We were told to build upon the rock, not upon the sand.

I pray and hope that maybe the divisiness of the election of 2016 is that last election of its kind.  If not, somehow I see America, like empires before it, begin to decline and fade into the books of history.

There is another empire in the wings just waiting to come to full fruition, one that will declare war on the saints and on Israel.  An empire where a leader known as the anti-christ will take his place to rule the world.

Just one last question, ‘Are you truly ready for what is to come upon this place we call earth?’

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