Gods Women

I am now starting to write a series of posts bringing to attention of Gods women throughout Scripture and history.

The generation before me thought that women had no place in leadership of a local congregation.  Not in the pulpit or the boardroom.  Yet, they could teach Sunday School.  When asked why they all would use the Scripture about ‘women keep quiet’.  I believe this thought is incorrect.  When the Apostle wrote this they were still following Jewish tradition where the men were separate from the women.  So if the women had a question yelling across the tabernacle would cause disruption.

We’ve come a long way since those days.  Yes, there are still orthodox congregations around the world where old traditions are still adhered to.

In this series I want to show how God used women to get a job done.  From saving spies to the whole nation of Israel from slavery.

I believe in women and their purpose that God has entrusted them with.  Strong women of faith can move the hand of God and change an entire nation.

I have had the joy of the influence of two strong Godly women in my life.  They were my mother and my maternal grandmother.  Both were women of faith, yet very different in their approach how they used their faith in God to inspire others.

My maternal grandmother was a women of prayer.  When it came time for prayer requests in our home church it was her who was asked to take the requests in prayer.  She raised seven children and all of them serve the Lord.  I am not implying that they never slipped because they did.  My grandmother just kept praying for them believing God would work in her children’s lives.

My mother raised five children.  She was not a stay at home mom she worked outside of the home to help my father give us what we needed.  She was unique in that she allowed us when we started to mature to express our own opinion, but do it in a respectful way.  She passed away way too early at the age of fifty-seven.  Although she was my mother during the latter years we would talk like best friends.  It’s been seventeen years since her passing and still I miss those days of talking with her when I am facing a problem or a battle.

I know there are many who may not have close relationship of a women of  God in their home, but, they might have a women of God in their lives whether it might be a school teacher, a neighbour, or just a Sunday school teacher.

Every one needs a woman of God in their life.  It is my prayer that everyone will have a woman of God cross their path.

In the next several posts I will go through the Scriptures highlighting the women of God both in the Old and New Testaments.

In my next post I want to highlight how God used a harlot to save Gods spies.

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