The Fool Has Said…

Pro 10:8 MSG
8  A wise heart takes orders; an empty head will come unglued.

Pro 27:22 MSG
22  Pound on a fool all you like; you can’t pound out foolishness.

The precise wording of the expression comes just a little later, in Dr. John Bridges’ Defence of the Government of the Church of England, 1587:

If they pay a penie or two pence more for the reddinesse of them..let them looke to that, a foole and his money is soone parted.

(from website:

Danny Kaye, Lucille Ball, The Marx Brothers, Jerry Lewis, and Abbot and Costello all played the part of a fool, court jester, and even a dim wit. We have all probably watched some of their entertainment on television or maybe if we are old enough on the big screen at our local theater.

There has always been the class clown who likes to grab the attention of everyone, and even though we all laugh we all think privately how foolish that person really is.

I do believe that laughter is great medicine, but, there comes a time when one must be sober in our thoughts. Now, there are some who are not trying to get a giggle from those around them but their actions do elicit a inward laugh.

Just maybe you have known someone who is ill informed about how to manage their monies.  Or because of their great wealthy gains thinks that this is intelligence, but quite the opposite.  They in their latter years find themselves in such a financial state just barely able to survive left with regrets for how silly they spent their former years with riotous living.  Like the prodigal son who asked for his inheritance and went on his way ending up in the pigs pen fighting with the pigs for a bit of slop.

It has been said that it takes an intelligent person to play the part of a fool.  That may be so in entertainment, but, in real life a fool thinks falsely that he is intelligent.  Those though who are looking at him know the truth about the fool.

A fool has a false understanding about his importance in the world.  They pound their chests with their fists and demand that others see him as an important person.  The fool always has to be the center of attention.  He doesn’t weigh his words carefully and just blurts out the first thing that seems to enter his mind, even if it is in the realm of ridiculous.

The scriptures has a lot to say about the foolish and gives great instruction for the wise.  The wisest being King Solomon.

I often think that maybe when a fool dies that just maybe the epitaph should read, ‘and the fool died’.

So when considering which path to follow I would pray let me choose the path of the wise and reject the life of being a fool.



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