America, Stop, Look, Listen

stop look listenLuke 11: MSG
17  Jesus knew what they were thinking and said, “Any country in civil war for very long is wasted. A constantly squabbling family falls to pieces.

It is just after 2 a.m. and I had to get up out of bed and sit down at my laptop.

I grew up in Windsor, Ontario just across the Detroit river from Detroit.  

It was either 1967 or 1968 and I was just a young child, maybe six or seven years old.  Old enough though to vividly recalling a scene that I saw coming from Detroit, Michigan.  Smoke rising from vehicles that had been set on fire.  I can recall hearing people mention that the Canada/USA border was closed.

I was much too young to understand why these events were taking place. As an adult now I know it was during the unrest during the civil race riots.

Now I am writing this article because of what I am seeing and hearing of events that are taking place across the country of America.  America, you have been there before many times.

Discrimination against one group because of ethnic, religion, race, or color is an ugly monster, a monster that must be put down in the strongest form.

In the mid 1800’s it was the immigrants from Ireland coming to America because of the potato famine taking place in Ireland. So America discriminated against the Irish for basically the same prejudice seen in America 2017.  They are taking our jobs, they are taking over our country.  Do these statements sound familiar?

In the late 1800’s early 1900’s the movie industry was starting to flourish.  Everyone was talking about this new breakthrough technology.

Discrimination once again is raising it’s ugly head, this time it is not the Irish, but, people of Jewish ancestry.

Some immigrants decided to truly build an industry and also a landmark Hollywood.  These immigrants though changed their name because of the blight of antisemitism.  Yes, the founders of the large movie studios were Jewish.


With the development during the last quarter of the nineteenth century of technological progress and scientific knowledge, especially about human biology, psychology, genetics, and evolution, some intellectuals and politicians developed a racist perception of Jews. This perception developed within a broader racist view of the world based on notions of “inequality” of “races” and the alleged “superiority” of the “white race” over other “races.”

Belief in the superiority of the “white race” was both inspired and reinforced by the contact of European colonist-conquerors with native populations in the Americas, Asia, and Africa, and buttressed as pseudo-science by a perversion of evolutionary theory known as “social Darwinism.” “Social Darwinism” postulated that human beings were not one species, but divided into several different “races” that were biologically driven to struggle against one another for living space to ensure their survival. Only those “races” with superior qualities could win this eternal struggle which was carried out by force and warfare. Social Darwinism has always been the product of bogus science: to this day, despite a century and a half of efforts by racists to find it, there is no biological science to support social Darwinist theory.

These new “antisemites,” as they called themselves, drew upon older stereotypes to maintain that the Jews behaved the way they did—and would not change—because of innate racial qualities inherited from the dawn of time. Drawing as well upon the pseudoscience of racial eugenics, they argued that the Jews spread their so-called pernicious influence to weaken nations in Central Europe not only by political, economic, and media methods, but also literally by “polluting” so-called pure Aryan blood by intermarriage and sexual relations with non-Jews. They argued that Jewish “racial intermixing,” by “contaminating” and weakening the host nations, served as part of a conscious Jewish plan for world domination.

There is an ugly part of humans that when they don’t understand a culture, race, and even a certain faith they decide to go to the darkest part of their soul, discrimination.  

There however is a disinfectant for discrimination, it is called understanding, and learning.  As someone once said, before you judge me, walk a mile in my shoes!

For the last several days as I watch on the news the events that are happening in the USA I keep waiting to hear from the leaders of the Body of Christ.  As one news anchor likes to say, “crickets”.

I never experienced any type of racism until I moved out on my own as I traveled through Canada and the USA.

A preacher friend of mine from Buffalo, New York told me what it was like as an African-American growing up during the years before integration.  He told me as an African-American walking by shops and restaurants seeing signs that read, “whites only”.  How when African-Americans travelling around America were not allowed to stay over night in most hotels and motels.  So, before setting out on any trip they would pack large lunches and drinks, and also arrange to stay over night at a friends house.

So, America, you have been here before. Irish, Jewish, African-Americans, now people of the Muslim faith.

Hostile countries against America must be watching as the USA nation tears itself apart from within in it’s own borders and jumping with glee.

Russia, North Korea, and others may not have to launch one missile or fire one rifle against America because America is divided by racial hatred, bigotry,..etc.

Luke 11: MSG
17  Jesus knew what they were thinking and said, “Any country in civil war for very long is wasted. A constantly squabbling family falls to pieces.

However, God has already provided a remedy.

2 Chronicles 7:1 MSG
14  and my people, my God-defined people, respond by humbling themselves, praying, seeking my presence, and turning their backs on their wicked lives, I’ll be there ready for you: I’ll listen from heaven, forgive their sins, and restore their land to health.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I write this article and raise the standard, “stop, look, and listen”. 

America there is still time to turn your face once again towards God!






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