Timeline:RAPTURE, Conclusion

Matthew 24:36 MSG
36  “But the exact day and hour? No one knows that, not even heaven’s angels, not even the Son. Only the Father knows.”

Please note that I did not insert the entire text of the twenty fourth chapter of Matthew, so I will leave that up to the reader to look it up and read it in its entirety.

For far too long people of the Body of Christ have been divided over when the rapture will take place.  They have almost come to fists about the subject.

Since it was first hinted by the Apostle Paul in the Book of Thessalonians there has been much debate over the matter.

I for one use to hold tightly to the theory that the rapture would take place before the seven year period known as the “tribulation”.  After much study, and still studying, I am not so dogmatic on this theology.

As I have watched many events in history and of the prophetic timeline come to past my thought has come to that just maybe the Body of Christ, the Church, just may have to endure part of the tribulation.

I was in high school when I was introduced to computers.  I was totally amazed with the subject and for the time that I attented high school I took classes in the subject.  Even then I could see how in time how computers could be part of the prophetic time table concerning the “mark of the beast”.  I first presented this thought at a Bible study at my home church and some thought it was pure poppy cock to say the least.

Now, present day it is almost reality.  I do not have to leave my home to shop, do banking, or even fill out my income taxes if I so choose.  Therefore, it is theoretically possible for a system to be put into place through the use of a computer system to give every living human being a mark in it’s system and also the same corresponding mark in their right hand or their forehead.  Thus eliminating the need of paper money and also fraud and theft.  Somehow, I feel that just maybe somewhere that system is almost ready to be unveiled to the world.  Maybe, it just might be something along the form of this new currency that is making the headlines, crypto-currency, e.g., Bitcoin.

Yes, just maybe, this sounds like an over imaginative mind, but I truly believe it is in the realm of what we read in Bible prophecy.

What the prophets saw there were no words for them to describe in their day. They could only use the vocabulary they had at their ready.

Events are happening at such a break neck pace that it boggles the human mind.  Just in the area of computing alone, computer power doubles almost with every new model.  The new one you bring home today is obsolete tomorrow.

Information is available twenty four/seven.  We no longer have to wait for the six o’clock news to find out what is happening in our neighbourhood, nation or around the world.  Information is now constantly on.

Entertainment is not something that is static and can only be enjoyed in your home, but, now is carried on a device about the size of a mans wallet.

So, in conclusion, these articles were inspired by someone asking my thought on where I stood on the timeline of the rapture.

Let’s not be so concerned when or where, but rather, let’s just be ready!

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  1. ahavaha

    “Let’s not be so concerned when or where, but rather, let’s just be ready” …….. Brilliant response! I totally agree!


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