The Church: Abdication Of Power – Conclusion

Matthew 22:16-22 MSG
16  They sent their disciples, with a few of Herod’s followers mixed in, to ask, “Teacher, we know you have integrity, teach the way of God accurately, are indifferent to popular opinion, and don’t pander to your students.
17  So tell us honestly: Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?”
18  Jesus knew they were up to no good. He said, “Why are you playing these games with me? Why are you trying to trap me?
19  Do you have a coin? Let me see it.” They handed him a silver piece.
20  “This engraving—who does it look like? And whose name is on it?
21  They said, “Caesar.” “Then give Caesar what is his, and give God what is his.
22  The Pharisees were speechless. They went off shaking their heads.

1 Timothy 2:1-3 MSG
1  The first thing I want you to do is pray. Pray every way you know how, for everyone you know.
2  Pray especially for rulers and their governments to rule well so we can be quietly about our business of living simply, in humble contemplation.
3  This is the way our Savior God wants us to live.

Politics Over Power

In the two above portions of Scripture are the only Scriptures that pertains to the Church and the government of man.

Religious organizations, chairities and of course Churches in North America have the pleasure of tax-empt of paying taxes to federal, state, and provinces.

If I were to pastor a local church I would immediately cancel this priviledge and pay taxes like any other business in the nation.  As long as local churches avail themselves to the tax – exemption of the government, the government has it’s power over them.

In America there is an unwritten term called “separation of Church and state’.  This term is not mentioned in their constitution.

In a Google search I found this information:

The First Amendment which ratified in 1791 states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” However, the phrase “separation of church and state” itself does not appear in the United States Constitution.

I find no referance in Scripture where the Church locked arms with the government of the day.  The church recognized that Rome was not their friend.  The Roman rule persecuted the Church and Christians alike.  They would crucify, stone to death, and even behead the followers of Christ.

Now we do have types of what happens when God’s people, Israel, and government joined hands.  The results were always the same, persecution and enslavement.

Yes, Israel had a king, but that was not perfect will for the nation.  They had grown frustrated with being led by the prophets of God.  Their desire was to be like other, pagan, nations and have a king to lead them.  God did give them a king, but, it came with a price, leaness to their souls.

Psalms 106:13-15 MSG
13  But it wasn’t long before they forgot the whole thing, wouldn’t wait to be told what to do.
14  They only cared about pleasing themselves in that desert, provoked God with their insistent demands.
15  He gave them exactly what they asked for— but along with it they got an empty heart.

During the tribulation, great tribulation there is coming an worldwide authority who will declare war first on Israel, and also the Church.  He will demand complete loyalty and demand Christians to deny Christ,.  If they choose not to bow to this anti-christ the Christian will lose its head.

The Church will find no ally with this government and will have to rely on the Head of the Church, Christ, and each other.  Buying daily needs such as milk and bread will not be an option for they will not have “the mark” mandated by the beast.

If I were an attorney who had to make a summation speech I believe that I would definitely would make the remarks that the church has abdicated it’s power for popularity, prosperity, and finally, politics.

As I look the picture I see is bleak, dark, and a body whose members are weak.  They cannot handle the meat of the Word, they have itching ears and only want from the pulpits messages which make the flesh feel good.

The message of the cross is a distant memory except for those of generations past.  Sanctuaries look like the clubs one would enter on a Saturday night.  The music could be mistaken for that of a soft rock radio station.  Everything that is done is for one purpose, the purpose of fleshly stimulation.  None which magnifies the Lord, lifts our spirit heavenward.

Yes, there are those who have not succumed to these methods, yet, they are few and far scattered across the globe.  The message of the cross is greeted with shouts of “we don’t want your bloody religion”.  It is only the message of the cross that pierces the stony heart of man to reveal to man that the only way to have forgiveness is through the blood that was shed on a cross made from a dogwood tree.

There is no urgency of the coming of the Lord, people somehow feel that the good times will never end.  Oh, how they are wrong.  We are not promised tomorrow, it is only by the sovereign grace of God.

I can see the hand of God as I listen to the headlines in the news.  As I at this moment understand the prophetic time clock of God, prophecy is being fulfilled at an alarming pace.  Countries in the news are Russia, Israel, Syria, Iran/Iraq(formely Persia), and the Pacific Rim are all described in prophetic prophecy.

I cannot tell what time the Son of God will return but, I can tell you were are in or about to enter the season Christ himself laid out to the disciples in Matthew chapter 24 and 25.

He is returning for a glorius church, a bride with her wedding garments washed and without wrinkle. 

So, it is with this that I ask the question, “Are You Ready for that Judgement Day”.

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  1. ahavaha

    Great thoughts! I love how boldly you speak on this often controversial subject.


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