This document was created by me over thirty-five years ago.

A copy was found just recently among some of my grandmother’s belongings.  My aunt told me about it.  

I had forgotten all about it, but I am now making it available for all who wants to download a copy.

It is sixteen pages of Scripture on the topic of “Faith”.  This is pure doctrine, not a “prosperity gospel” message nor is it a “name and claim it” gospel.

This would be a perfect way to launch a Bible Study on the issue of what the Bible says about “faith”.

I have done nothing to edit the document.  It is exactly how I created more than three decades ago.

To download your own copy click on the following link:

I am sure you will not regret taking some time to get your copy free of charge.  Please do not take this and charge for a copy to anyone.  Freely you have received, freely give!


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