The Absolutes of Christian Faith

Over twenty years I started a journey of re-examining the issues of my personal faith.  I began to deconstruct every issue and began to search out the Scriptures trying not to depend on my previous bias of any subject.  

It was difficult to stay silent with all that was happening in the Christian environment around the world.  Christians being beheaded in many eastern countries, others being imprisoned because of their faith.  Churches keeping their location hidden for fear of the state breaking in and arresting and persecuting those in attendance.

I was raised with a Christian outlook on life so this journey I would take through the written Word was a tedious one.  I attacked my studies with the same intent that I used when active as a pastor or an evangelist.

Yet, my conclusion was this, there are definite, absolutes of our Christian faith.  In our Christian walk these must be the underpinning for our foundation, for without them our Christian house will not stand the rigours and storms of life.

So, I am going to try to bring to words these absolutes of Christian faith.  These absolutes are those things that as babes in Christ must have a firm grip in our spiritual understanding.

It is so difficult to weed out all the voices in our media, the internet, and in print, and find the absolutes of what it is to be a Christian.  Our spiritual being is only strong if we have a foundation of absolutes of truth as our bedrock and foundation.

So, join with me as I present to you these truths are sure and absolute.  Grab your Bible, a pen, and some note paper and let us study these absolutes together.

  • Gods Word is True
  • God is Faithful
  • The Cross of Calvary is the bedrock of Salvation.
  • No Remission without the Shedding of Blood.

Now, that is the outline I would like to expound upon in my next several articles.  Most would also call these absolutes, “The Tenets of Faith”.  I will do my utmost to cover all that is crucial for one to have a sure foot on the solid rock that Christ established for us to have a stable spiritual life.

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