advise-answer-arrow-208494.jpgLet’s be honest, none of us, including those in ministry, know all the answers.  If one is asked a question it is not a sign of stupidity to say, “I do not have the answer”.

In the last month I have started to write multiple articles only to hit the delete button.

Pastors are put into a high pedestal for everyone believes that they should be able to answer all things.  This can be dangerous for a pastor, for in his congregation there are not robots, but, people in very different situations, and or, their spiritual understanding.

There were times when I was a pastor that I would have a message prepared for the evening service only to set it aside grab the white board and just have a time of questions and comments.  I would try to make it a session that even the younger children could get involved and most of the time they did.  One young man in the congregation asked a question about man and why God would allow us to sin.  My answer, God did not make us to be robots but gave all mankind the freedom of choice.  It wasn’t long that I was answering all the questions, but the people began to converse with each other.  That evening was one of the most memorable in my experience.

If you have listened to any news broadcast whether main stream or cable you are aware there are many issues that will leave you with questions.  You will, if you are like me, ask God what is happening in this world.  You are left with the thought that the world is becoming unhinged.

So, at this time and this place I can tell you I just don’t have an answer, but just the opposite, questions.  So I keep on searching and praying looking for a message to write about.

Maybe, I will feel a leading to some scripture the expound upon.  I invite you to send me your comments, questions.  You may be the one that may have the question most have, but, are to fearful to ask, thinking it may look like they are weak.


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