Bi-Polar, Mass Shootings, and The Media


Friday May 31st once again news breaks about a mass shootings, twelve victims, and the gunman is dead in Virginia Beach.

Every time I hear about a mass shootings I start to cringe waiting for the shoe to drop and the media lock on to one thing almost every time.  The gunman was bi-polar.

I guess I would label this a pet peeve of mine.  If you listened to the media only when there is such a tragedy you would think everyone who is bi-polar is a raving mad bi-polar killer.

Sometimes I find myself yelling at the television that they need to get some education about mental health issues.

Then the next part starts to jump in with the media, the politicians demanding tougher laws and reform on mental health.  Again, I cringe!

I am not sure what the percentage would be of the population who suffer in the area of mental health, but I would guess it is minute.  

With my stays in the ward here everyone I have met who are dealing with issues I have not found one person who fits the description according to the media outlets.  Most are introverts, a lot of them feel shame, they are just quiet ordinary men and women who are having health issues in their mental health.

I feel there needs to be a strong push back to educate all those who work on a newspaper, news site, and television.  Maybe, if just once they were up close to someone in their circle of friends or family who were going through their own crisis they would finally understand that their description to one sided.

Every once in a while I think I should send an e-mail telling them how one dimensional they are in the views, but, I hesitate thinking to myself it is futile, they won’t listen.  Just not sure how to attack this mountainous problem.

There, I have said my frustration and put it into words.  

Would like to hear some of your thoughts, feelings, etc.s.


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