Creating A Safe Place

A safe place is not a new concept.  It can be found at your doctor’s office, hospitals, and your local church or synagogue.  What I mean is that what is discussed there stays there.

When I was an ordained minister it is only ethical that what is discussed between a parishoner and myself was a veil of secrecy between the two of us.

Many with issues concerning their mental health are more than likely suffering in silence.  Outside of a professional setting they feel they have no safe place to turn to.  It can be dangerous to discuss the issue at work for fear of being fired.  School is not much better because of the constant threat of being bullied.  Even their own family may shun them, or feel that the whole thing is being made up.

My best friend has a little sign he made that says, “What happens here, stays here”.  What that sign represents and tells visitors is, this is a safe place.  No need to fear condemnation, or what is said will be gossiped about outside of the house.

I have left the ministry, but, I still hold to this concept within my own home.  I have been told many things and not once have I shared it with anyone whatsoever.  It is a moral, ethical matter to me and also and issue of complete trust.

So, it is my utmost desire that you the reader if you haven’t already create a safe place where those dealing with such mental health issues can find refuge within your four walls.

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