My Greatest Worry

Job 3:25 MSG
25  The worst of my fears has come true, what I’ve dreaded most has happened.


There are people who have fears including myself.  For some it is heights, spiders, water, and many more.  There may be reasons for some that has caused those fears.  One person I know has a fear of large dogs, the reason being she was bitten as a very young child. For myself it is heights for when I was about ten years old I fell out of cherry tree and broke my left arm in three places.

There is one more fear of mine, that being a falling back into severe depression.  I have heard about some that there body becomes immuned to certain medications causing disease to replicate itself within the body.

The depression I experienced robbed me of quality life.  Time not spent with interests that I loved, time not spent with family or friends.  It stole part of my personality at times feeling like I was just going through the motions of life but not connected to the world around me.

I am just now returning to many interests of mine that I love, reading, music, my dog, etc.,  Some of these activities lost was also the combined problem of acute pain.  So, I try to add one more thing to my daily routine.  

The best thing that I have added is writing this blog.  I will keep striving to move forward.

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  1. ponderingmissylou

    Good for you! Keep moving forward. I understand. ML 😊

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