Little Child


Fifty years ago in 1969 astronaut Buzz Aldrin spoke the now famous words, “That’sone small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”   It is funny I can tell you the house we were living in, the landlord’s name, and who was in the house with us when my mom turned the t.v. on and we watched as Buzz stepped onto the surface. of the moon.

This post is not about the landing on the moon but rather, something that has been happening within me on a more frequent occurance.  That is recalling events, places from my childhood years, yet I can barely tell you what happened last week.

I was sharing this with my best friend as we were visiting and watching the Dodgers play ball.  He quipped, “maybe you are becoming a child again”.  We both laughed.  Yet, inside my mind I wonder if this is the minds way of  defending itself against the things that would cause me pain.

I woke up this morning not feeling quite up to one hundred percent.  I wasn’t sick or in pain but yet just not feeling my best.

I have noticed the same thing happening when I am experiencing low points in my life that I go back to something in my childhood.  Like recalling room to room the fine details of my grandmothers house including her very last phone number.  Maybe I am just over reacting to these moments, however it is like there is a little child in me trying to bring comfort, the same comfort when someone turns to a certain food they like.

I realize I cannot go back to those times, but I sure love the feelings that bring a definite smile to my face for just a calming moment.

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