Just Add Water

I am not sure how this may sound, so I ask you to bear with me.

We all know the adage “you don’t miss the water till the well runs dry”.  It is amazing how we take for granted fresh water.  We go to our sink turn the tap and out comes water.  It is used for many different tasks in every household that has running water.  Drinks, showers, laundry, watering the lawn in the summer, plus other things.

Now to what I have been musing over in my mind.  I grew up watching The Jetsons and how they would just add water to a pill and have a full meal.  I sometimes think how easy life would be if we could just add water.

We till our lands, plant seed, and pray for enough water to bring a bountiful harvest come the fall.  I never paid attention to things like this until I moved into the heart of Western Canada.  Farmers need water, too little and no growth, too much and the harvest rots while still in the field.

If I could experience normalcy by just adding water it would be truly wonderful.  No more pills, mood swings, nights of sleeplessness -all could be taken care of by just adding water.

So, there you have it my minds activity on what I have been thinking.

If we could solve all our issues, just add water!

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  1. Chelsea Owens

    Sounds reasonable. Me, I want spray-on clothes.

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