Pro 18:24 MSG
24  Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family.

Lately I have replayed parts of my life in my mind.  It is funny how many little things that come to the forefront.

The one thing that stands out throughout my whole life is my friends.  I never had tons of friends, but rather, I would have one close friend. 

I am reminded of a saying “you can choose your friends but not your family”. My close friends became like family to me.  Sometimes I felt closer to my friends than I did with my own siblings.

This may sound strange coming from an individual who was a Pastor, Evangelist, and Gospel Singer and musician, I tend to be reclusive, I like my own company, it is a true effort to be outgoing.

I am sure if people were asked what is “friendship” the response would be vastly different for each person.  To me friendship is someone who knows the best and the worst of you and still shows you to be a true friend.  I have known my best friend for over twenty-five years.  It is a different type of friendship because it is more like a big brother and younger brother.  My best friend is exactly that to me, a big brother.

Maybe take some time and try to define what “friendship” truly means to you.

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