Growing Pains

For the past couple of months I have been on a very steep learning curve.  Like most things that I jump into I go in blind.  When Windows was in it’s infancy, Windows 3.1 I decided I would learn it forward and backwards.  So, I did.  I crashed the system many, many, times.  I would start from scratch remembering not to do what I did wrong previously.

When I jumped into social media I jumped in with both feet not having any clue about how to speak to others.  Things like hashtags, I didn’t learn them for several years in.

Now it has been the same for this blog.  I started it as therapy, writing here and there without much consistency.  Knowing absolutely nothing about Categories and Tags which I am just mastering now.

My writing has taken shape as I have experimented with different styles trying to find what I am most comfortable with.

New Policy

I am having to set forth a guideline for my blog.  I enjoy reading all the different posts from all the variety of authors.  As I have followed some now for a little time it feels like I am learning who they are.  Found some from my own country of Canada. 

I am asking you the reader when making comments to keep them within the scope of the blog post.  It seems to flow much easier for others to follow.

Also, I am asking for you not to include links to other articles or blogs.  I show a list of the blogs that I am following for the reader’s benefit.  If there is an inline link I will not approve the comment.  It is time consuming to read the articles that the link sends me to before I can approve the comment.

So, be patient with me on my journey of learning what it takes to upkeep a blog!

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  1. Linda Vogt Turner

    Fair enough! All the best to you and thanks for taking the time to explain how you manage your blog.

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