A saying from Africa: “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Before it was easy to migrate to areas from your home town most would marry someone from close by.  I did not.  My first wife was from Saskatchewan and I was raised around the city of Windsor, Ontario. I moved to the province of Saskatchewan to stay on as the organist with the evangelist now pastor moved there.

Small towns and villages have their own unique sense of belonging.  More than likely the children in the village had more than just their parents looking out for their welfare.  Everyone knew everyone else.

It is the same when a person faces illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and yes, mental health challenges.  We have The Cancer Society, Diabetes Association, and many more who are advocates, specialists of that certain illness that a person can turn to for information, and wholelistic support.

Before I became aware of the vast sea of people on WordPress all I had was the professional information and support.  Outside of that I did not know anyone else facing the challenges like myself to talk to, to support each other.

Instead I found myself in the role and advocate of what a bi-polar person faces.  

  • I became my own best advocate
  • I dispelled misinformation with facts
  • I was my own research department
  • Plus many other roles

Those were the foundation of which I now draw upon each and every day.

Upon that foundation I am now part of a multitude of the village called WordPress. 

Building a village!

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