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Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.

Ellen DeGeneres
When I entered high school I was a fish out of water.  I stood 6’1″ and weighed only ninety-nine pounds.  I was teased endlessly for being so skinny.  I felt initimidated by other guys my own age.  They were bigger, weighed much more, and some had full beards.  During gymn class I just wanted to climb into a locker and hide.  I just wasn’t comfortable in my own skin.
This feeling followed me for most of my life.  I did not follow in my father’s foot steps and he liked to make me feel small for it.  I chose to go to a high school that was pure academic, no trade classes.  I also worked on my piano skills so that I could follow a calling of singing and playing Gospel music.
Finally, after going through stays in the mental health ward I began to see myself differently.  My body had not changed much, I was still tall and skinny but I began to shed the taunts and teasing about my body.  I was learning to be comfortable in my own skin causing me to feel more relaxed around others.  I was no longer trying to gain acceptance by my peers.
It is amazing how my brain began to change of how I looked when I saw my reflection in a mirror.  My outlook took a dramatic turn.  I am no longer tall and skinny, but I have lost some height, just part of aging, and also have gain much weight due to a year of inmobility.
My acceptance of being bi-polar has also helped my comfortability of myself.
I am now comfortable in my own skin!

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