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I Get Depressed When…


*** When I tell people that I am bi-polar their reply is, “You don’t look sick”!

***  That’s not a real illness

***  They have no tests for it like an x-ray or something

***  Just get happy

Those are just a few things that make me want to pull my hair out, they just make me depressed!

Using the comment section let me hear some of the things that make you depressed!

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  1. Angie

    There are of course different degrees of depressed…To stay away from the worse ones I’ll just name a few that are my main triggers that will generally bring on the spirals.
    -Any heartbreaking story to do with with kids, from missing to abused to murdered.
    -Talking to certain family members.
    -Thinking of “happier” times, mostly memories of my grandparents or fun family events.
    -When I don’t get enough sleep.
    -When home-life gets to be too much and I feel like I’m drowning in responsibilities.

    I find that when people say things like “You’re too bubbly to be depressed” or “Why are you so happy if you claim to be so sad?” they don’t necessarily mean to be jerks and I try not to take it too personally anymore. There was a kid (about 19) who laughed at me one day when I told him I had PTSD and I would appreciate if he stopped sneaking up behind me and yelling. “What the hell would you have PTSD for?” I wanted to smack him but I’m going to have faith that one day he’ll realize it could be anyone. I explained to one of family members once about the very many times I had considered suicide and the very real plans that had accompanied that time. Their response was to compare me to my sister who had actually been a cutter. This also adds to my depression because people don’t always “get it”.

    Sorry for the long winded comment!! -Ang

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    1. Rethinking Scripture

      Thanks Angie I think what you write will help some others.
      It did for me!

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