Sir Have You No Empathy, No Compassion?


Note: This is my personal feelings about two issues that I have to write about.  There is no intent to offend anyone in any way.

“Some are able and humane men and some are low-grade individuals with the morals of a goat, the artistic integrity of a slot machine, and the manners of a floorwalker with delusions of grandeur.” ~ Raymond Chandler

Humane Quotes

I have been mulling over about whether I should write this post.  I know there are feelings on all sides of these two issues.  I am a Canadian, do not work for the Government of Canada, who is horrified every time these two stories come to forefront on the news.

The U.S. A. and Mexico Border

I realize that a country has the sovereign right to control it’s borders.   The crisis at the southern border between the United States and Mexico has become in and of itself has become a humanitarian crisis.

There are multiple thousands now in limbo just across the border in Mexico who are living in such conditions that they bathe in contaminated water, wash their clothes in the same water, and that water is the only source for them to drink.  In one camp there is approximately two thousand and only six latrines.

Every time I see footage from the Mexican side of the border I just cannot stomach it, my outrage over it almost gets the best of me.

Sick Migrant Children With Life Or Death Illness Face Deportation

In August of this year migrant families with ill children received letters that they had thirty-three days to leave the USA or risk being deported.  These children are in the States under “deferred action” program.  For many if sent back to their home country will likely die for back home has no programs to treat their life threatening illness.

Where Is The Empathy and The Compassion?

I wonder if those who are creating these rules, and those who are enforcing them have any empathy or compassion.  Surely some of these must have children, elderly parents, if it was members of their family receiving such orders how would they feel. 

I am writing this as if I were writing one person and one person only, that person being the President of The United States, Donald J. Trump.

So, I would ask you Mr. President, have you no empathy or compassion?


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