Tainted Outlook


Most people miss the great part mental outlook plays in this game. Billy Martin
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Several years ago there was a country song that said this:

But these rose colored glasses
That I’m looking through
Show only the beauty
‘Cause they hide all the truth

When in depression I have a habit of looking at things through the eyes of depression. Experts call this, “Tunnel Vision”.

I have heard and read that abused become the abuser.  To be totally honest with myself and to you the reader, I was the abused, but I am not the abuser.  My stomach turns over when I hear about a victim of abuse, child or spousal.

I chose the word “tainted” because that is what my vision became when I suffered with a break in my mental health.  It is difficult to see the “trees for the forest”.  My skills in making judgments about issues in our personal life are greatly hindered by our tainted vision .

Even when I am manic I must guard myself against having tainted vision.  I have been known before I was diagnosed to stay awake for more than thirty-six hours.  I would make terrible snap judgment decisions.

Then there is a tainted vision that I deny that anything is wrong, that all is right with the world while suffering silently with pain from my past.

So, as I write this post I write by looking past my tainted vision!

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  1. Angie

    I too am the abused and I though I could never be the abuser, I can see how this could happen to some. Growing up knowing only that way of life. I also don’t view that as an excuse. I believe we all have a choice but for some it’s a lot harder.

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