The Reflection In The Mirror


I go through the same kind of situations as other people. I have to give that to people, because people have this facade, this mirage, this mirror about me. Tory Lanez

For most of my life I have never truly liked what I saw in the mirror.  My facial features such as, my nose, lips, ears.  I was tall and extremely thin, it was this that caused me great kidding from other kids in school.  When I entered high school I was six foot two and weighed only ninety-nine pounds. I was self conscious about my looks overall.

As a musician I didn’t take a back seat to anyone.  Music was the one thing I was confident about.  

It is not funny how mental health issues slowly erodes your self-esteem.  The media, t.v., etc., portrayed people with mental health challenges like they had a lobotomy.  

The generation of my parents, grandparents did not speak about such matters. If they did it was when the children were absent from the room, they spoke about it in hushed tones.

Lately when I look at myself in the mirror I barely recognize the person I see reflected back at me.  At times I would rather not look at any mirror, a shiny surface that may show my reflection.

So, yes I know that other people have the same problems, issues in their life.  They seem to be coping quite well.  I wonder how they do it. I wonder how those reading this post are coping with it.


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  1. Angie

    I don’t think people can “cope quite well”, I think it’s one of those “grass is greener on the other side” types of scenarios. We all cope in our own way and heal in our own time. No person’s journey is the same as someone else’s and so when we see someone who is coping well, they may in actuality feel like they’re drowning. We can’t feel their emotions or hear their thoughts. Some have been given tools to help them on their journey and others have to work harder to first learn the root of the problem and then find the proper tools to help them cope and so on.
    Be kind to yourself. Comparison is a gateway to depression.

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    1. Rethinking Scripture

      Yeah Angie, you are probably correct about comparison.
      Probably a bad habit I picked up while in treatment.

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      1. Angie

        Everyone compares in some way and in different degrees 🙂 Even when we think we don’t. A good way to change that thought around might be to ask for tips or what they find helpful in their journey. Sometimes they have tried something that might work for us.

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  2. TheMysteriousBlogger

    My daughter, Julie Barbera, just released a book, Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection, dealing with some of these issues. A recent post on my blog!

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    1. Rethinking Scripture

      Is the book on Amazon?

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      1. Rethinking Scripture

        Great, will try to take a look at it maybe tonight!
        I hope she has a best seller on Amazon!

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