Mental Health & Finances


“When the purse becomes empty, the mind becomes full of issues.”
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Stress is a main stay of life.  There is stress at the job, raising children, keeping a roof above your head.  Now the stress of not having enough money.  All these circumstances can lead to monumental problems.

Let’s change the picture, one where you subtract the job, creates a totally different stress.  A stress that over powers everything else in your life.  It is all consuming during your day, and the last thing you think about as you fall asleep.

Now add to the mix health problems such as mental health issues.  Now you need medications along with everything else that demands your finances.  Medications can be very costly, this writer knows all too well.

I just did a Google search and the good news is that there are “compassionate” programs offered by pharmaceutical makers. This can be a burden lifter for those with a very limited income.

In Canada some provincial governments also have “compassionate” programs for those who cannot afford their medications. Suggestion, ask your pharmacist the next time you need a refill.  They have a wealth of knowledge on which programs are available.  Sometimes all you need to cover is the dispensing fee.

So, take some time, do the research, swallow your pride and ask for help.  There is help out there, just look!

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