Life At Home

Mom, myself, Keith, Sandy, Tracy - Elm Street -early 1980's
My Mother, Brother, Two Sisters, Oldest Daughter not available

I was born and raised in and around Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

In my opinion we were the basic family at that time.  Both of my parents worked.  For that reason a sister of my mother lived in with us to take care of us.

As we grew older Mom taught us to do chores, I was responsible for the sidewalk in the winter, the lawn in the summer.  My sisters were taught how to start supper so that when Mom arrived home she just had to do the finish touches.  We were expected to be there unless we had permission to be away.  At that time there were no cell phones, computers, just a landline phone.  All our friends knew not to call during the time of our eating supper.

My Mom was quite amazing, her Mother, my Grandmother thought some things were too liberal.  You see, Mom allowed us to speak our opinion but it had to be spoken with respect, no attitude.

My paternal Grandmother was Roman Catholic.  My mother told me when it came time for us kids to start attending school that she and my Roman Catholic Grandmother had a knock downed argument.  Grandma thought we should be attending a Catholic school, Mom thought different.  Needless to say Mom won.

The children were not baptized in the Roman Catholic Church, thus, we were considered bastards in the eyes of the Church.  I cannot recall ever going to anything within the Roman Catholic Church when we were growing up.

Archie Bunker gif
Archie Bunker –

Now my father was a case all of his own. I call him Archie Bunker ll.  I cannot recall one time growing up that he said he loved us, proud of us. If I brought home an A on an assignment, his response was “can’t you do better”.

As I grew older I became his punching bag.  He had a hair trigger temper that would erupt over the slightest issue.  It kept us sitting on pins and needles.  He disliked the High School I chose because it was not a trade teaching school. I chose an Academic High School, choosing all business related courses.  Courses like accounting, typing, computers, etc.,. If I did what he thought I would be a backyard mechanic.

 When I entered High School Mom did not set a curfew for me, she knew I would always come home at a proper time.  I went to school in the dark, and came home in the dark when I knew my father was asleep in bed.  The only rule, come in the house quietly without disturbing my Mother”s sleep.

I dropped out of High School in the middle of Grade Eleven and quickly left home. I began to do some itinerant speaking and Gospel Music.

That was the long beginning of having the opportunity of travelling with another Evangelist throughout Canada and the United States.

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  1. Angie

    Wow, our stories have a lot of the same characteristics. I turned my back on God and anything church-ish. I thought everyone who went to church was a hypocrite, just like my dad. I had a chance to meet a relative on his side who sings Christian Rock and I turned it down, taking my anger out on him by refusing to meet someone who had been looking forward to us meeting. Instead I went out drinking that night and got completely sloshed out of rebellion. He sent a note home with my mom and what he wrote kind of made me realize that not every adult male was a horrible person. Some people went to church because they really wanted to praise the Lord and not because it made their family look better. One day I still hope to meet him and let him know how much I needed that note.

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    1. Rethinking Scripture

      Angie, I did not loose my faith, but I have spent over twenty-five years re-examining what I believed.
      I have changed my thoughts about different issues.
      I am still searching the Bible for truth!

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  2. Linda Vogt Turner

    I liked this post because it revealed something very true. Where is God when children end up in abusive situations with a father and a church community that have fallen into “errant teaching”? Sadly, many children lose their faith and end up in worse situations than I care to imagine. And others like yourself…find a way to hear and feel God’s love and rise above the tribulation and its memories. Thank you for your post and your faith!

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