Logic: Before Depression


No, no, you’re not thinking; you’re just being logical. Niels Boh
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For several days now I have been trying to bring forward moments pre-depression/bi-polar that were truly organic happiness.  I cannot seem to recall many of those type of moments during my childhood.  Maybe, it is just because negativity has crowded them out, or maybe logic would conclude, there just were not any moments.

Logic would at least think “holidays” were moments of joy, I cannot recall any “holiday” that stands out in my memory has being the epitome of happiness.

Logic at this moment, at the moment I am writing this post, that it is the medication suppressing the times of gleefulness before this thing called depression showed up on the doorsteps of my mind.

The irrational thought tells me that I am making it bigger than it really is, that no one else has these feelings.

So, there must have been a time before depression that I was happy, that is the logical way to think!

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  1. Kim McKinney

    Depression is a liar, so it may be standing in the way of your truth now. Or maybe it accompanied you then. It doesn’t matter much. Work on creating happy holidays now. If happiness is eluding you now, maybe strive for meaningful. You can take the reigns from depression and be in control of making a great future. I hope you find happy in your holidays.

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    1. Rethinking Scripture

      Kim, I find happy when the grand kids are here. Hopefully they will be here on Boxing Day.
      It is the lack of finding moments while I was growing up that concerns me.
      Any moments of my childhood are ones that I would like to forget.
      Thank you for your word of encouragement Kim!

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