The 24 Hour Bully

The people who are bullying you, they’re insecure about who they are, and that’s why they’re bullying you. It never has to do with the person they’re bullying. They desperately want to be loved and be accepted, and they go out of their way to make people feel unaccepted so that they’re not alone. Madelaine Petsch

If you haven’t you probably know someone who has had to contend with a schoolyard bully.  You know, the one who picks on the weaker to make himself feel better, does it to make himself feel good.

Or maybe it is a bully on the workplace, one who likes to throw his weight around. It may be his position in the company, his seniority.  Likes to take pot shots at those he feels superior over.

For those two there is some reprieve, at the end of the school day, and the end of the day at work.

The Bully Of A Different Kind

endless clock.gifThere is a different kind of bully, one that there is no reprieve, no way to escape from it’s taunts, ridicules, and harsh words.  That bully is what I will call “the 24 Hour Bully”. You must understand that this bully is within each of us if we so choose to allow it dwell there.

The 24 hour bully is there when we awaken every morning, follows us all through the day, and then there in our bedroom when it is time to go to sleep.  

Yes, I know there is medication that can quiet the loud voice in our mind, numb it’s effects of the hurt it inflicts upon us.  These medications for me leaves me with hangovers the next day leaving me feeling detached from what is happening around me. I hate this feeling, I do not feel alive inside me.

So, try as hard as I can this 24 hour bully just won’t shut up!

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  1. Linda Vogt Turner

    The 24 Hour Bully won’t shut up. So what can a person do? As you say, pills quiet the Bully and leave you half alive. So why not start a campaign to show the Bully how “great” you are and how “great” you feel. So what if the Bully tells you you are a useless worthless no good etc. You needn’t bother fighting and arguing with this Bully. Let the Bully think whatever about you. Simply do things and think things that make you feel good about yourself and fully alive. If it helps, create a list of all the things you do well and like doing. Then pick one and do it.

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    1. Rethinking Scripture

      Linda, execellent advice! Feedback is great for the whole community.


  2. Angie

    I had to leave post it notes all over my house with positive affirmations on them because I didn’t have it in me to fight the constant voices anymore. The notes may have looked ridiculous to anyone who came over but it worked for me. I still fight those battles and I still have notes stuck to random walls and mirrors as constant reminders but there’s not as many and, for the most part, I can yell louder than those ugly voices now. I know not to take them down because there’s always some new memory that shows up randomly or in therapy and I need all the help I can gather…and for me the notes is pretty much all I got.
    You just can’t give up. You can’t give in.

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    1. Rethinking Scripture

      Thanks Angie! I try to keep going. I use to make fun about myself being too stupid to lie down and die.
      I know I can’t give in, give up,

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  3. Ricky Talks

    I think the 24 hour bully is definitely within all of us for who is harder on us then ourselves? We are our biggest critics, biggest bully, and also the only person who can change that. I’ve struggled with this myself especially during post part depression. It is refreshing to see a post so honest.

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    1. Rethinking Scripture

      Thank you for your compliment!

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  4. cheriewhite

    I just found this in reader and I think we all have that inner bully voice who always reminds us of our mistakes and imperfections. And it’s hard to shut this bully up, especially on difficult days. Thank you so much for being honest about this because it’s so hard for most people (like me) to talk about.

    Awesome post! Have a great week.

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    1. Rethinking Scripture

      Thank you Cherie!

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