A Thank You Is In Order


No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.” -Alfred North Whitehead

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Yesterday was quite the day for me.  I wrote the post “Your Posts Are Valuable” and was completely set back on my heels.  The response was more than I expected. For example, I had barely pushed the ‘publish’ and someone had already hit the ‘like’.

Then during the day I found people who had hit ‘follow’. I met some new citizens of this great WordPress community.

And the thrill that put the cherry on it all was I chatted with quite a few of you.  We chatted about all different aspects of life, my one favorite is children. I love hearing about a baby who is experiencing firsts throughout their first year.

I took break but I just couldn’t stay away from my laptop eager to see if there were more new comments, likes, follows.  To my surprise I spent the largest portion of the day on this blog reading comments, new posts and just enjoying pure dialogue.  It all was so invigorating!

Now for a shocker, when I sat down to write the post all I had in mind was the title. I searched for a quote, found it, then began writing.  It just flowed effortlessly yesterday.

So, I am looking forward in this year to having more days like the one I had yesterday.

Thank You!


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  1. Angie

    It’s such a rush to get a good response! It kind of motivates a person to keep going.

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  2. Chelsea Owens

    Just good timing for me. 🙂 I’m glad to hear it went so well!

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  3. Ricky Talks

    I know you posted this about a week ago but I love that getting that response was more then enough to keep you working forward. I am the same way in that aspect I don’t have a lot of people following me but inspiration wise I know it helps to see that feedback from outside support.

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    1. Rethinking Scripture

      Yes feedback creates a desire to move forward.
      As a musician I needed feedback, it was my gauge of how my music was being received.

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      1. Ricky Talks

        You do music too? Do you ever post any or is it just a hobby

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      2. Rethinking Scripture

        Yes, I play piano, and organ.
        I grew up singing Gospel.
        I don’t have anything online. I do not write songs, I am just a copy cat.
        Thanks for asking!

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      3. Ricky Talks

        That’s ok to be a copy cat! I’m sure you play and sing plenty of music that moves you emotionally and that’s all that matters.

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      4. Rethinking Scripture

        Yes music was my entire life.
        My grandfather started me singing with him Bluegrass Gospel.
        I can totally get lost when I am playing and singing. When I am feeling ugly I sit at my organ here at home and play for an hour or better.
        Music can be so soothing. It can lift you out of a blue funk, depression.
        What is your favorite type of music? Do you play an instrument?

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      5. Ricky Talks

        I love all type of music from all types of genres so I don’t have any particular favorite. Anything that moves me in the moment or gives me goosebumps I love it. I love cultural music from around the world as well. I can go from listening to traditional Japanese to Samba music real quick. I love almost all kinds of music whether it has words or not.

        As for instruments I play the alto saxophone and I used to play the trumpet as well.
        Speaking of instruments I think the organ is so underrated as an instrument most people see it as depressing or annoying I see it as new sound that can move you differently than the average piano.
        I heard that they are not really easy to play either so kudos to you for learning.

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      6. Rethinking Scripture

        If you remember David Letterman his band leader played an “B3 Hammond Organ”.
        The style and sound of that is quite popular.
        Black churches have mainly that same organ.
        I know how to play them and have my own style. My home does not allow me the luxury of having one, even though I would love it!

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      7. Ricky Talks

        I do remember his band I had no idea that it was an organ! I also didn’t know that they could sound like that. So when you play with your own style do you mix it with bluegrass?

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      8. Rethinking Scripture

        No I didn’t lean towards the Blue Grass sound at all.
        I developed my own style, found new songs. My style of piano is far different than that on the organ.
        Canadians for the most part like my style on the piano. In the States I found my style on the organ was more likable. Strange, but true.

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      9. Ricky Talks

        Wow, I can imagine the cultural difference in your musical audience. The organ and piano are somewhat similar in how you play them (to my knowledge) so to have different reactions in different countries is a pretty cool experience.

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      10. Rethinking Scripture

        It is the difference in the type of Churches.

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      11. Ricky Talks

        I don’t think necessarily the churches but more like the heritage, or upbringing of people from different places. For example the United States and the United Kingdom both have many people who speak English, but the type of English is different depending on which country you’re in. You play in different churches and different countries so maybe people see the instruments more enjoyable in one country then the other even though the instruments are similar.

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