Hide & Seek


I am not the person I was yesterday, a year ago, nor even ten years ago.  If I am honest about my journey I can recognize my failures of yesterday, correct my path and move forward.

As kids everyone has probably played hide and seek with other kids in the neighborhood. It is great way to spend an afternoon on a Saturday. Now, have you ever tried to play that game with just yourself?  Most would answer, no, that would be crazy.

For myself I have been playing hide and seek by myself.  Hiding that which is hurting, bruised, and beaten from the outside world..  This can be like an active volcano, you now it is going to erupt, but, the when is an open ended question. Playing this type of game is like shadow boxing, you make all the hits but the shadow stills stay standing.

So, it is my time to start facing those hurts head on so that the healing process can take place!

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  1. Angie

    Yes! I tried to get better for so long thinking I didn’t have to face my past, trying to hide from myself and hide myself from others. It was an amazing feeling when I realized I faced something hard and walked through it again with a different outlook and understanding. I was finally able to show myself the graciousness and forgiveness I needed and deserved. I wish this same feeling for you 🙂
    Despite my past, I turned out to be pretty darn okay, despite a few bumps in the road and wrong turns…It just makes the adventure more interesting 🙂

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  2. cheriewhite

    Beautiful post! Being vulnerable is not always comfortable and can be downright scary.

    I tried to hide my pain but it only came out as rage and meltdowns. When I stopped hiding it, I started having more peace.

    Wishing you all the best on your journey to a more peaceful you. I promise you that it will be worth it.

    Thank you for this article!

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