Middle Age & Bi-Polar


Middle age is having a choice between two temptations and choosing the one that’ll get you home earlier.
Dan Bennett

As a kid growing up I never thought about that the year will one day be 2000.  Old was my grandparents, or at least they looked like it.  No thought given to being vulnerable, rather the opposite, indestructible.  Never gave thought to my mortality, just a naive kid who thought that playing games, watching silly tv shows would go on forever and ever.

Then came the heady twenties.  Thoughts of making millions of dollars, living in spacious houses, dreams of pots of gold at the end of every rainbow.  Wondering who I would eventually fall in love with, have a dream wedding, settle down and then think about starting a wonderful family.  Like the host of some game show, “all this could be yours…”.

The next thing I realized the my “happily ever after” life was falling apart, that I didn’t have the answers to fix everything that was going wrong.  Believing full heartily what the preacher said “till death do you part” because divorce was for someone else, not you.

My forties are somewhat sketchy, in and out of treatment, battling blood clots, pneumonia didn’t leave much time to be carefree.

Present day, beginning to stare at the age of sixty somewhat looking forward to it.  Why, because I have come to grips with being a middle age, white hair, not so thin, man.

I love the fact of three pre-teen grandchildren when they visit because all that hyper energy is for the young to raise.

I have accepted the fact of living in a bi-polar brain, taking my medications for the rest of my life, including Warfarin to prevent blood clots forming again in my body.

Yes, I am a fifty-eight year old middle age man who just happens to suffer with being bi-polar who is at ease with the whole thing!

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  1. Linda Vogt Turner

    Dan, you are an inspiration. Getting old isn’t for sissies. It’s about doing what you’re doing. Taking stock, counting your blessings and accepting the fact that you’re a middle aged person who just happens to suffer with being bi-polar. Being okay with that says alot about your character Dan. It says you’ve done the work that gives you the insight of “an elder”. You’re not just some middle aged guy. Thanks for sharing Dan.

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  2. Chelsea Owens

    There is so much peace in being past the anxiety of youth and further into acceptance.

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