Looking In – A Journey Of Introspection




Introspection is the examination of one’s own conscious thoughts and feelings. In psychology, the process of introspection relies exclusively on observation of one’s mental state, while in a spiritual context it may refer to the examination of one’s soul. Wikipedia

Virgo.svgIf I was a believer of Astrological Signs I would be a Virgo. There is a personality trait that is considered a negative, that being too critical of others.  For me that is so true, I can be harshly critical of others around me.  It is something that for the past amount of time I have been fighting with everything I have.   

For the past few blog posts has been my effort of finding quality traits of my being.  Yes, it isn’t easy for when you have been focused on all the rotten traits changing your focus is a very daunting task.

I am not saying that I will never have bad days again for I know that is very much likely.  I know that I will be on medication for the rest of my life. Medications is what keeps me from sliding backwards.

I am not a professional, not a Physician, Psychiatrist, or even a counselor so what works for this human being may not be the path for others to follow.

So, follow this blogger’s travel of introspection!



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