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Those who improve with age embrace the power of personal growth and personal achievement and begin to replace youth with wisdom, innocence with understanding, and lack of purpose with self-actualization. Bo Bennett
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I woke up this morning with this thought on my mind.  That being is, my road to recovery is personal.  It is not a template that can be overlaid on somebody else.

Everyone is at a different moment in their recovery, different age, different circumstances.  Each are on different types of treatments, different medications.  Everyone has to find their personal road to recovery, chart their own progression.

For me my road has taken twists and turns.  I may have days where I will backslide for one reason, I am only human.

One more aspect of this journey I am on, I have started to apply it to my dietary regimen.  I have lost some weight already, no I am no Adonis,  hehehehe  🙂

I have also thought to myself that maybe I am just on the spectrum side of manic.  Whatever this is, I feel that I have taken a couple of steps forward.

I would encourage all who read this not to give up trying. You may take two steps forward then fall three steps back.  The important thing is that you don’t stay back there. Pick yourself up and try and try again.

So, dear reader I lift a glass for your personal success!

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  1. V

    Thank you for being a bright spot in what is an otherwise horrible day. Your motivation is really a good reminder that I need to keep going.

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    1. Rethinking Scripture

      Thank you!
      Vee, this is why I love the WordPress community. There for each other, to encourage each other when we are down.


  2. Chelsea Ann Owens

    […] -Rethinking Scripture, “Personal Progress Report“ […]

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rethinking Scripture

      Chelsea, thank you for using part of a blog post of mine.
      I feel so honored that you would use it.
      I had forgotten about that post, but I use that quite often to encourage others.
      This is what I love about this huge WordPress community!


  3. petespringerauthor

    Solid advice, Chelsea. Knowing that so many of us go through the same struggles is strangely comforting when we’re feeling down.

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