Let Me Keep My Dignity

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The most luxurious possession, the richest treasure anybody has, is his personal dignity. Jackie Robinson
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Several years ago I was hospitalized for pneumonia.  Well in the hospital I developed the flu.  I was bedridden and trips to the washroom was out of the question.  To be polite there were times when I could not wait for a nurse or assistant, thus I ended up dirtying myself.  The first couple of times I was totally embarrassed.  One of the nurses brought calm to me by telling me to relax I wasn’t the only one that had this type of situation. 

Yesterday I had to make a trip to another city to have cortisone shots once again in my lower back.  I had never met this doctor so I had to go through my entire life of medications, previous problems with bones and joints.  I know that he was just doing what is required by him.  For some strange reason I found myself growing indignant with the whole situation.  He gave me the shots and I send thank you and good bye.

I can empathize with those who are in situations that are not made by the person.  Those looking for employment, those who must rely on a Government safety net.  Frustration grows when the words “why” and “how come” keep being asked to you.  Repeating the history of your life with every new potential employer, physician, social worker.

Trying to keep your dignity intact by not losing your temper at the person sitting across the desk for you.  Not reaching out and striking them, or just plainly getting up from the chair you in and leaving.

So, I all I want when I have to sit across from you is, “Please let me keep my dignity”!

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  1. Ricky Talks

    in so many ways being able to keep you dignity throughout life is so important. I hope whatever you’re going through gets better.

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    1. Rethinking Scripture

      I have a very bad back. the doctor I saw yesterday was a new one. So, he wanted a complete history of my health. I just felt they had no connection to my back.
      It was cortisone shots they inject around the discs in my back.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ricky Talks

        jeez that sounds extremely painful and annoying


      2. Rethinking Scripture

        Without this treatment I have never ending severe pain.
        I was a passenger on a motor bike when the driver back ended a car. It sent me flying and I landed on my behind. This caused severe damage to my spine.
        This was one of the reason I was on oxy and Fentanyl. I no longer take them after a stay in the Mental Health Ward because I wasn’t sure I could do it staying at home.
        These shots give me some normalcy in my life without pain.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ricky Talks

        Wow you are extremely lucky, even with the pain you have now, It could have been way worse. I’ve taken care of a lot of young people like 20-30’s that are in nursing homes for life because of motor bike accidents. Even so, you have endured a lot just to be somewhat comfortable and by your post it has taken a toll on you.

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