Name Calling; Psych 101

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“It’s an extraordinary thing about names. You’ve probably noticed it yourself. You think you’ve got them, I mean to say, and they simply slither away. I’ve often wished I had a quid for every time some bird with a perfectly familiar map has come up to me and Hallo-Woostered, and had me gasping for air because I couldn’t put a label to him. This always makes one feel at a loss.”― P. G. Wodehouse  Good Reads- Remembering Someone’s Name

**This is not about bullying, calling names to demean a person.***

Here is something I learned back in the eighties while doing some upgrading.  In a Psych 101 class there was a subject about remembering people’s names.

  • It takes work with memory skills
  • Say the person’s name within the next few sentences.
  • If possible assign an object to the person that is suitable.

I try my level best to use people’s names in conversations, letters, emails, phone calls, etc.,

People love hearing their name spoken.  They remember a person who uses their name, they’re impressed by this.

Dale Carnegie addresses this in his most known book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

This is a simple thing, but, it packs a lot of weight. I used this as a Pastor, I was able to remember the names of most in my congregation.  Also, I would remember returning visitor’s names.

So, to end this on an exercise notion, my name is “Dwain”.

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