On The Pill?


And while we are on the subject of medication you always need to look at risk versus benefit. Temple Grandin
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Please, before you start laughing at me and leaving comments about a man and the pill, I am not speaking about the birth control pill…lol!

Now for my blog post.

This issue has many views, views of the pros, views of the cons.  The issue is: Take medications for bi-polar or not.

For me this issue is a personal issue, between my doctor and myself. 

There are others who do not take them for a variety of reasons.  Side effects, not effective, or want to approach with wholistic health.  For those living in America my understanding for some is financial, if you cannot afford the medication it is also ineffective. For these people I offer my sympathies. 

I have written before that everyone is in an unique situation so there is not a one size-fit all.  Our treatment plan therefore are unique to the person.

So, all I can offer in advice is this, to take the pill, or not to take the pill, these are the questions!

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