Making Haste?



We have made mistakes. In our haste to do all things for all people, we did not foresee the full consequences of our actions. And when the people raised their voices, we didn’t hear. But our deafness was only a temporary condition, and not an irreversible condition. Barbara Jordan

Hast Definition:When something is done in haste, it’s done fast, and often with carelessness. In his haste to finish the paper, he didn’t notice he had replaced “taste” with “waste” during spell-checking, so his title became “Foods of Our Home State: What a Waste!”

Before I received treatment, medications, practice what I had learned I was a walking time bomb.  No, not a violent one, but a quick temper to explode and make decisions while in that frame of mind.

For the  record I am not proud of it.  I have made a decision because of my craziness would start in motion the process to move.

I would walk away from things, put someone over the coals, all manner of situations, I wouldn’t stop to think about the consequences that it would cause.  The ripples that would take place because the past would keep popping up.

All those things I done in haste.

Today I can honestly say those days are long gone.  No more hastily decisions, no more flipping my top at someone who should have never been on the receiving end.

I cannot speak for others on this issue, but, my medication regiment works for me. I do not have all of the wild mood swings.

My decisions are made with logic, not made on a dime.  Sometimes, I will leave it for a night, sometimes a day, and sometimes decide changing something is not a good decision at all.

In my last post I spoke about how I caught up all of my bills.  It has taken me many years but I have now built up some credit in case of emergencies with my plumbing and my heating.

It truly is a nicer feeling to know that when my phone rings it is not a bill collector.

Yes, there are times we need to use credit, the major one is purchasing a home. I bought this mobile home on rent to own.  My last payment on it was for one single dollar.  It was something shocking when several weeks later that the man I bought it from died.

It is my hope as I write this post that you, the reader, will take some advice stop and think about how making a decision in haste can be devastating!


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  1. Island Traveler

    Haste indeed will lead to wrong decisions . Got a house many years back because everyone keeps telling it’s the best investment then the housing crisis of 2008 happened & lost it , impacting my credit & overall life. It was painful but it taught my something invaluable , that we are much better than the sum of our mistakes , that for as long we don’t give up, we can rise up, recover , be happy & free again.

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