We Need Superheroes!

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A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the size of his heart.     


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Growing up I watched cartoons and live action superheroes.  There was Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Aquaman, and many more.

I also had heroes like a couple of my teachers, some of my family.  These were the ones I knew if I needed to talk they would listen.

My best friend is a retired teacher.  He once told me that he wouldn’t want to teach today.  He says the environment is different. He mentioned that today you wouldn’t be able to put your arm around a grieving child, and many more situations.  

The school system is under attack.  Overcrowded rooms, under paid teachers, government cuts.  All these are to the detriment of the students.  When I was in my junior year of high school the teachers went out on strike.  The tension was great on both sides.  The students however were the ones that suffered, students had to spend their summer in summer school to make up for time lost during the strike.

I look around to see if there are any superheroes out there. The one who puts his head above the crowd, cares less about the consequences and just does the right thing.  Sometimes at the peril of his job or his standing among friends. 

Growing up American parents were proud to tell their children, “one day you could be president”.  A young person would aspire to be a teacher, a leader in the community.  Now people cower fearing if they stand up for something they may face ridicule, scorn, laughed at, and the worse a law suit.

I have three grandchildren and my thoughts about their future is clouded by what type of country they will have.  Today’s society has grown toxic.  Name calling, body shaming, gender bullying, and the list goes on.

Think what you like you like but I some someone with courage during the Democratic Primaries.  It doesn’t matter to me how you feel about sexuality but hats off to Mayor Pete from South Bend Indiana.  He went after his dream, no concern about those who would throw tomatoes.

I am a fifty-eight year old man who once had some heroes, I find myself today looking high and low for some more super heroes.  No, not the ones who can leap over tall buildings, swing around the city on spider webs.  A hero who stands for something, follows his conviction, one that honors his word.  When he speaks you know you can count on it to be his honest view.

Little girls need heroes too, one that can raise a family, have a career, and be a pillar in their community.  For most little girls their hero is their dad, or their mom.

Sorry Tina Turner, but we do need another hero/es!

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  1. Biggeneralblog

    Great post.Super heroes are definitely needed in society.

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    1. Rethinking Scripture

      Thank you!


  2. cheriewhite

    Spot on! We need them now more than ever in today’s climate!

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