My Previous Encounter With Isolation

Image by Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay

Several years ago I was admitted to the hospital with a case of pneumonia.  Within the next twenty-four hours I developed a red spot rash over my entire body.  I showed them to a nurse which notified the doctor.

After the doctor left there was a phlebotomist was taking some blood.  Soon after that they put a sign on my door that I was in isolation.  They suspected measles.  I have never had measles.  My sisters all contracted mumps, chicken pox, measles.  My brother and myself did not end up with any of those.  I was a married adult when I had a case of chicken pox, no thanks to a mother who brought their child while he was contagious to Sunday School.

Back to the isolation.  I now am in isolation, no visitors, nurses gown up like they are entering a war zone.  I am not sure how many days that it lasted, but, it really tried my sanity.  I was thankful that I could call my best friend, also my daughter tried to call every morning.  I passed the days away watching t.v. and working on my laptop.

Finally the results of the blood work came back, no measles.  This had my doctor perplexed.

I began to work backwards to see if I could think of what I may have done different that would cause something like this to happen.  I am use to going through the process of elimination because I have certain food allergies that will cause a migraine.

Here’s the results of my backward tracing.  It came to be that I did have an allergy, it was the actual hospital bedding that was the culprit.  I had my best friend bring me my own bedding, I had a hospital bed at home so I knew my bedding would fit. Within thirty-six hours the measles like rash began to disappear. 

So, as you can see, this lock down with the Covid – 19 virus isn’t rattling me because I had a period of isolation already and came out the other side! 

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  1. Chandra Lynn

    I’m interested in your food allergies that cause your migraines. I suffer from migraines. I hadn’t suffered for years and then suddenly they returned. I’ve been dealing with them almost daily since August last year–my longest run with them. I never thought of a food item being the culprit. Something to look into. Thanks.

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    1. Rethinking Scripture (soon to be called rts)

      The main culprit for me is tree nuts. Peanuts are not in this group for they are not a nut but a legume.
      Raw onion can cause me a migraine.
      One other thing that happened with me was a med that was prescribed caused me one.
      How I determine what caused it, I back track to see what I may have done differently in the last 24 hours.
      My mom had migraines all her life.
      Migraines can be hereditary. My maternal relatives have migraines in many of them.
      Hope some of this helps you Chandra Lynn.

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      1. Chandra Lynn

        Thank you for sharing. This is helpful. I’ll see if eliminating certain foods help.

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      2. Rethinking Scripture (soon to be called rts)

        I have learned that it is trial and error.
        When you have a migraine try to trace back at least 24 hours.
        Keep in touch about how things are going with your migraines.

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