Just The Facts Ma’am, Just The Facts…


The human mind can solve the problem of climate change, but the world is ruled by the mind of politicians, and this low mind always produce problems, let alone solve a problem!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan  Climate Change Denial

What I am about to write about one class in high school I am not proud of.  It was my Science class.  The subject was, “evolution”.  At that time I believed pure and simple that it was “creationist”.  I balked at the subject.  I can remember how I argued with the science teacher.  Then came an exam and the subject was about “evolution”. My answer was “God created…”.  Of course I flunked that exam.  I started demanding that my answer be accepted.  The fight lasted for days, finally I believe the principal made a decision that my answer be allowed.  Today, I still believe as a “creationist”, but I probably wouldn’t make a stink over it.

We have seen in the news for several years the theory about vaccines causes autism.  Mothers who refuse having their child vaccinated.  Disease that once was eradicated are now back and thriving, smallpox is one of them.

As of this writing in Canada we have seen six hundred and growing people who have died.  In America there has been twenty-four thousand plus deaths due to the Covid-19 virus. 

I am amazed to the number of people in leadership in America who are stubbornly fighting against the science of this pandemic.  Just in total denial!

One man was shopping and deliberately coughed on the money that he was going to use to pay for his shopping.  A preacher in VA several weeks ago had a church service in spite of the warnings of large gatherings.  He ended up contracting Covid-19. Now in the news today the preacher has now died due to the virus.

So, this fifty-eight year old guy wants just the facts, just the facts!

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  1. Angie

    I still personally feel like I don’t have the facts that I need to make educated decisions about this pandemic we’re in. That being said, I also don’t know what news to trust. So I check the numbers and what region is highest, watch myself while at work, be extra cautious where I feel need be and just pray that I don’t come into contact with someone who has it and potentially risk the lives of my loved ones.
    The facts would be appreciated and none of the other fluff and stuff 🙂


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