Natalie – Driving Miss Daisy

I thought I would post something light hearted.

This is my dog, Natalie. She sits in the front seat on the passenger side.  Neighbors call her “Miss Daisy”.  She is quite the dog!  She makes my life and the lives of others fun.


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  1. cheriewhite

    How sweet! I can tell she loves to ride in the car! My dog, Roxie (a pomeranian) hates riding. She whines and whimpers during our trips to the groomer.

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    1. rts – Facing the Challenges of Mental Health

      Yeah Natalie would go for a ride constantly if you took her.
      She has been that way since we adopted from the Humane Society 4 years ago. She was 6 months old.
      It’s too bad that Roxie hates riding. Most dogs like to look out the window.

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      1. cheriewhite

        She’s been like that since she was a pup- when I got her. I got her when she was about 5-6 weeks old and she’s been a skittish little thing since. She’s 9 years old now.

        Natalie is a cute little thing. Our fur babies are family!

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      2. rts – Facing the Challenges of Mental Health

        Yes, they truly are!
        Natalie is my third dog. I had two border collies (one at a time).
        I wasn’t going to adopt another dog but I found it was too lonely around my house at night.


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