Issues, Issues, Tissues?


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

“A person who doesn’t understand both sides of an issue can’t relate to the side he is trying to sway, so his words will bounce off of them without leaving any impression.”― Daniel Willey

Life is full of complex issues, issues in relationships, work, school, marriage, children. There are probably so many more that probably would fill up the space on this blog.

There are issues that I care deeply about and ones I would love to write about. complex issues within mental health.  Issues within the communities of the Gay community, the indigenous, battered women, and so much more.

I have had friendships with many in those diverse groups.  Lost several friends to due to AIDS, I have a native friend with issues concerning alcohol, have talked to many women who have been battered, mental health within the Faith community. My life has many complex sides, it has given me many insights to all those issues that I care about.  Mental health is an issue that every person, ill or healthy, all deal with their mental health.  How they handle such challenges, some overcome those challenges, others find escape with drugs, alcohol. Others who with some wisdom sought out medical help.  I realize I write from a Canadian perspective, but it is my understanding that many in the U. S. A. finances dictate whether they receive help.

Sometimes people are uncomfortable dealing head on with the issues in their life.  I know I was, I had a very rough time opening up about what was going on within my head.  I now use writing on this blog as a type of therapy.

So dear reader every once in awhile I will try to tackle some of these issues that I truly care about.  Not advice, definitely not medical advice, but rather the insight I have gained from my life.

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