A Reblog: Mental Illness and the Workplace — The Art of Mental Illness

I spent a good portion of my life struggling on my own. I knew something was “different” about me but I never had the support around me to help me get answers. I walked around aimlessly and lived off of Google’s suggestions and explanations about how I was feeling for the most part. As an…

via Mental Illness and the Workplace — The Art of Mental Illness

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  1. Shan❤

    Going through the same thing ..I hope this is helpful ❤


  2. cheriewhite

    I’ve been there and it’s scary! I hope you’re doing well, Dwain!


    1. rts – Facing the Challenges of Mental Health

      I am doing just fine Cherie.
      Thank you for asking!


      1. cheriewhite

        You’re welcome, Dwain. Continued prayers for your healing!


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