Something New For This Blog?

I have been mulling this over for quite some time. I wasn’t sure, not really sure now, if this idea would work for me.

The Interview

There are some great bloggers out there, I come across their blogs, that I would love to ask them a series of questions in the form of a written Interview. Then post the Interview here on this blog. I already have some in mind when it comes to this. It will go beyond what they write, share on their blog.

I enjoy re-blogging others post to give them some extra exposure. Topics ranging from depression to transgender. I read the posts, while reading I have questions I would love to ask, but I feel using the comment section is not the correct arena to do so.

I feel those who read this blog just may enjoy reading the insights of other bloggers. No worry, nothing embarrassing will be asked or posted. The first thing in the Interview would be their biography.

I am not sure the frequency of these, I feel the comfortable would be one a month. At the most twice.

If you know of someone who you would like to see interviewed please use my Contact Page.

So dear reader I am excited to start an adventure with this feature of an Interview.

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  1. ashleyleia

    Sounds like a great idea!

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    1. rts – Facing the Challenges of Mental Health

      Thank you Ashley! Maybe I could interview you?
      hmmm…could be interesting! 🙂

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      1. ashleyleia


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      2. rts – Facing the Challenges of Mental Health


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