Summer 2020 – What I Don’t Hear

“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.” – Kay Redfield Jamison

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain hitting my tin roof. It brought back a picture of a child sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor banging a pot with a wooden spoon.

It goes without saying that this year was one of total shutdown, no sports, no beaches, airlines grounded. Most summers here it is not unusual to hear children playing outdoors, maybe some with chalk drawing pictures on the pavement. Driving around the neighborhood the cooling station is empty, missing was the kids running around in the water with their laughter ringing out with a mixture of the odd squeal mixed in.

It brought back memories of my daughter when she was old enough to sit on the floor with her toys scattered about. Every once in awhile I would join her in her playtime. Sometimes I would place her on my lap while I sat at the organ playing, her tiny hands placed on the back of mine.

This year has grabbed out attention to what we know call “Covid-19”. You cannot help not hearing the term with it’s full coverage on every newscast, magazine, and newspaper.

For this writer it is not what we are hearing, but rather, it is what is not being heard. Like I have already mentioned, the sounds of children, also missing this year is the socializing that I loved when going from one garage sale to the next. Just the fun of looking at what others are selling.

What is not being heard is the sound of bands in our city park playing at the band shell with people listening while sitting in the grass soaking up some pure Vitamin D.

What is not being heard or seen is the famous “Snowbirds” flying in air shows across Canada and the United States. Tragedy grounded them during a time when Canadians were reeling at the fact of a mass shooting in the Province of Nova Scotia. They were taking and flying across the land to bring some cheer to counter balance a horrific event.

So dear reader let me ask you, what isn’t being heard around you?

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  1. Chelsea Owens

    We’re actually pretty open, here. I feel I need to answer your post with one of my own…

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    1. rts – Facing the Challenges of Mental Health

      Here in my area we are still debating how far we should open the schools. My grandchildren still have no extra circular activities Most have been cancelled until 2021. The grandchildren are growing restless.
      What I worry about is a new surge of infections. I have barely ventured out of my home. Because of underlying conditions I do not want to contract the virus.
      I am not sure what the rest of the year will look like.
      I am happy to hear that somewhere sounds like normal. Glad it is happening!

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      1. Chel Owens

        Most of the people around me are cautiously bold. They are healthy and know only a few people who have gotten it (and those few either died because they had a serious condition or didn’t have very bad symptoms). They are pragmatically choosing a happier mental state over over-caution.

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  2. Sara

    There are so many sounds I miss. This summer I really missed the laughter and conversations of hours spent on the sidelines of my kids sporting events. I missed the sound of families and teammates cheering at swim meets and baseball games that never happened.

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  5. Miriam Hurdle

    I don’t hear the chorale rehearsals. I don’t hear music in the concerts or theaters. The Sound of Music was cancelled. I don’t hear women talking at the gym. I didn’t hear my granddaughters for six months and finally visited them two weeks ago. Yes, I miss many sounds. What a great theme to write about. I must do one for myself. Thank you, Chelsea. 🙂

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