A Re-blog: The Depression Diaries — Beth McIntyre

Today I took some time to catch up on some tags that I follow. Below is one that caught my heart. Beth has a story to tell one that may help others. I have a feeling she is new to the WordPress community. After reading this post drop her a line in the comment section.

Entry 1. 15 September 2020. Bucharest, Romania. Hi. I’m Beth. I’ve struggled with my mental health for as long as I can remember. Well okay, not as long as I can remember, but for a long time. I was first diagnosed with depression at 13 (maybe 14?) years old. I turn 30 next month. I […]

The Depression Diaries — Beth McIntyre

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  1. Chel Owens

    ❤ It’s a real thing.

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  2. Angie

    There’s a lot here that I can relate to. And the mood changes…I quite often annoy myself at how fast I can go from happy to raging crazy mom. Still, after all the work I’ve done and the counselling and everything. I couldn’t even imagine how lonely it would be in another country going through it all.

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    1. rts – Facing the Challenges of Mental Health

      Angie it is my feeling, understanding that women pre-menopausal have one built in strike against them. That is hormonal, not to say that men have the same problem. My daughter use to tell me about her days when her hormones would go all out of whack.
      So your fight is probably twice as hard when it comes to depression.
      Men have depression problems starting around the age of 45. Some call it “second childhood”. These are just thoughts to think about Angie.

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      1. Angie

        Something I always struggle with is I easily forget that there are others struggling and going through the same things I am at any given moment. This is yet another reminder that I (along with many many others) am not alone in our struggles.
        Thanks Dwain 🙂

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      2. rts – Facing the Challenges of Mental Health

        Angie I think we are all guilty sometimes that we forget that there are others who are also struggling. This is why I love the WordPress community. We all share where we are at in our struggling. It gives each and everyone one of us some encouragement.
        Thanks Angie!

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