It Couldn’t Get Any Worse, Can It?

“I don’t believe that this infection really is being transmitted in waves. It’s more like a coronavirus forest fire where in fact, it just burns, burns and burns. But then as soon as you let up the break, then it all comes back again.”CBS News, Oct 13, 2020

As I listened to the Global National News here in Canada they reported on different provinces once again shutting down certain businesses. Here in my province a popular night club was closed due to the amount of people testing positive traced back to the club.

I went for my MRI Monday night, which I thought was strange they were doing them in the evening. They have added a second shift just to catch up from the shutdowns. I asked the technician if people are worried about going for exams. Her reply was, “everyone”. On may way I couldn’t help notice the markers on the floor with arrows to enter and those to follow to exit.

When they called to book the appointment it’s terrible to think this thought, but, my first thought was, it is because the Premier is seeking another term. I may be wrong, but, long before the virus hit us like a hammer I went for a different MRI back in the fall of 2019, I had waited nine months for it. While talking I asked why can’t there be more shifts to serve more people. Their reply was “if they give the hospitals more money”! So, what changed between then and now, simple, election.

As I hear about the new infection rate going up, places once again being shut down, workers being put on furlough. Leaders openly mocking the scientists about them telling people should be wearing masks, also adhering to physical distancing. People have been raised to believe in the science, then their leaders, but now are wondering who to believe, what to believe. Images of rallies, people in bars, swimmers in Florida and California jammed together shoulder to shoulder.

The number of cases here in Canada now has reached two hundred thousand, while the States total number of cases surpasses eight million, and nearly a quarter of a million have died in that country.

So dear reader, it couldn’t get any worse, can it?

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  2. ashleyleia

    It could always get worse; whether it will or not is a whole other question.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rts – Facing the Challenges of Mental Health

      Ashley that is what scares me, it could get a lot worse!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Angie

    I worry that it will definitely get worse before it gets better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rts – Facing the Challenges of Mental Health

      I feel that is the major consensus with people.


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