Mental Health Lessons From Renovating

“The work of restoration cannot begin until a problem is fully faced.”
 Dan Allender

Stress Management

Back in 1997 when I agreed to buy my trailer I knew nothing about them, how to maintain them. I am not handy with a hammer and nails. When it comes to all things with carpentry and plumbing as am useless.

I lived in here for a length of time and I really wanted to replace the windows. The original windows were single pane, drafty, and they did not open to allow fresh air in. I secured financing through a program that gave first time owners a forgivable loan. So, I send for the application, fill it in, and send it off in the mail. Several weeks latter I receive a letter of approval.

I set about looking for a reputable contractor to work on the windows. A couple I know had just had their windows replaced. I went to see them and asked who did the work for their windows. They gave me the name of the contractor, I contacted him and set a time for him to look at what needed to be done. Afterwards he came back with an appraisal and from there I hired him.

All of this taught me about how I handled stress. It was frustrating at first with my routine being upset with people in and around the house. Sawdust and other debris created from the new windows being installed. After about a month I found that I learned how to manage my stress through understanding.


It is amazing what a little bit of knowledge does to eliminating stress. I became comfortable with the contractor and the other carpenters to ask questions. I found out things like the building code for how many windows per square feet. Later when having a wheelchair ramp installed it was how much the incline was to be per foot.


The windows and wheelchair ramp were only two of the things that I wanted done to the place. The next big things for me was to take up all the carpets and replace them with a nice wood looking laminate. For me to do this work would mean it would have to be done over a lengthy period of time. I began to look around for something that I liked. I found some that I considered I wouldn’t mind to have put down. Over several months I purchased the materials for the new floor. Have had the bathroom floor finished just at the end of last month. This leaving me with my bedroom and laundry room.

So dear reader that is three takeaways I learned from the renovations of my trailer!

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  1. ashleyleia

    There’s always a lot to learn when undertaking new projects.

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  2. Tangie T. Woods

    Thank you for sharing this great read! More people should write about mental health which is just as important as physical health. In past time, I silently suffered with mild depression but was ashamed to seek help until years later. I lost weight until 99 pounds. Again, thank you for blogging on such an important subject. Remain safe.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. rts – Facing the Challenges of Mental Health

      Thank you so much for your input! It is so great to know that we are not the only one who faces such battles in life. Sharing our stories may mean a light in the darkness for someone else.

      Liked by 2 people

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