Mental Health and Mental Exercise

There will always be obstacles and challenges that stand in your way. Building mental strength will help you develop resilience to those potential hazards so you can continue on your journey to success.

Amy Morin

Mental acuity is sharpness of the mind. Things considered in determining a person’s mental acuity are memory, focus, concentration, and understanding. An elderly person with Alzheimer’s has decreasing mental acuity. He is less likely to remember exactly how or when something happened than he was in his youth.

Growing up and singing at church was a highlight each and every time. My grandfather played the guitar and he would have his grandchildren learn Gospel songs. He wasn’t in favor of taking printed words up with us to sing, we had to memorize them. To this very day I can recall many of those songs without much trouble.

There were a couple of years that my family spent at least a week at a Bible camp. There was always a place for children to go so that the adults could enjoy the evening services. It was at those places for the children that we were taught how to quote the Books of the Bible. By the end of the week I had learned all sixty-six books. I still can quote them, maybe not as fast, but still can manage reciting them.

Memorization I feel is one way to strengthen our minds, end result being a sound mind.

“All things seek for comfort and no one wants discomfort. A sound mind does not just improve speed; it increases efficiency and joy, and bond the body and the soul perfectly as well!”
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

The Canadian Mental Health Association gives some things that can be done to strengthen our mental health.

  1. Exercise
  2. Eat well
  3. Watch what you eat
  4. Watch what you drink

They have much more things to do to build and strengthen mental health!

Ever have trouble remembering the name of someone. I learned a little insight on how to improve the memory of people’s names. Try to use the person’s name within ninety seconds after hearing it. You can also try association to remember a name. Maybe, if the name brings to mind a certain food, like cheese, use that association to remember the name.

So dear reader my physical body is in need of repair, I can still work with exercises to strengthen my mental health.

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  1. Halbarbera

    Yes! Exercise your mind and body.

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  2. Chel Owens

    Mental pull-ups. 🙂

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