Commentary: When Words Are Not Enough

Dallas News

” I’m sorry for your loss!”

“My condolences!”

“I will be praying for you!”

Once again America is in shock, another mass shooting at an elementary school. Twenty-one lives gunned down, twenty-one persons who will not be at home. All twenty-one were looking forward to the end of the school year this Thursday.

The three above statements are the common responses to the news of a death. Statements that this time seem hollow, they leave our lips in an almost robotic manner.

It is unthinkable that parents have to outlive a child, in the course of life the reverse is what is to be expected. I have seen how the loss of a child affects the parents, the siblings, grandparents, and also friends. I watched my aunt and uncle bury their oldest daughter of eighteen years. They were never the same and the grief tore them apart. They soon found themselves divorced. I was the organist for a funeral of a Pastor and His’ wife as they said their last good-byes to their fifteen year old son. Their grief so heavy they barely could keep themselves from landing in a heap on the church floor.

According to, they report that there have been ‘304 fatal school shootings and counting”. The numbers leave the mind boggled and in total disbelief.

Even here in my country of Canada were also have seen mass school shootings. According to Global News here is the list of them:

I have omitted the names of the shooters

  • Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal: On Dec. 6, 1989, 25-year-old *shooter’s name omitted”, shot more than two dozen people, killing 14 women before killing himself.
  • Dawson College, Laval, Que: On Sept. 13, 2006, 18-year-old Anastasia De Sousa was killed and 20 others were hurt when gunman *shooter’s name omitted” , 25, opened fire with a semi-automatic weapon. Gill was killed in a police gunfight.
  • W.C. Jeffreys Collegiate Institute, Toronto: On May, 23, 2007, 15-year-old *shooter’s name omitted*, is found in a hallway with single gunshot wound to the chest. He later dies in hospital. Two teens were charged with first-degree-murder and were later acquitted.

So dear reader, if you are a parent with children, may I suggest you give your child a hug and then tell them how much you love them!

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  1. Tangie

    Sad, Sad, Sad. I am praying too and thank you for sharing with us.

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    1. rts – Facing the Challenges of Mental Health

      Tangie, I just had to share what I was feeling about the situation.
      It seems like it has become an every day occurrence and it will fade until the next time.
      I am completely at a lost with this constant mass shootings.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tangie

        I am at a lost too with the constant mass shootings and elected officials caring more about their pockets full of profits than the lives of constituents and families by not doing more about crimes and gun control.

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  2. Angie

    School shootings are such a sad tragedy and something that I never even thought to be possible while I was in school. It’s so heart breaking that these individuals could get to that point without being able to get the help they so desperately needed 😦 This is a constant fear that I live with now that my own children are in school and I hear about other kids uttering death threats to other children with no repercussions. The most memorable for me is 2016 La Loche shooting. A friend of mne had just moved there shortly before this who has multiple children, all of them were under 10 at the time.
    The article you linked also mentions the following:

    Les Racines de vie Montessori, Gatineau, Que.: On April 5, 2013, two men die during a shooting at the school’s daycare.

    W.R. Myers High: Taber, Alta.: On April 28, 1999, a 14-year-old Grade 9 student shoots three students, killing a 17-year-old

    La Loche high school, Sask.: Two teenage brothers were first killed in a home before the school in the remote Dene community became the target. Two staff died. Seven people were wounded. A student, who was 17 at the time, pleaded guilty to charges of first-degree murder, second-degree murder and attempted murder.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rts – Facing the Challenges of Mental Health

      Angie, it is so true, school shootings are horrendous!
      I guess I missed the other shootings that had happened here in Canada. I totally forgot about the shooting in La Loche. Thank you for adding it in for me.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Angie

    I apologize, I realized later that I should have emailed this info to you instead of commenting. Thank you for being so gracious and understanding 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rts – Facing the Challenges of Mental Health

      No harm done Angie!
      Never gave it any thought.

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